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Friday, 27 November 2015

Kundalini Awakening Update

I keep getting a lot of questions regarding Kundalini and my journey, my experiences etc. And with time and progress the understanding of the experiences also changes. And so I believe that a lot of stuff that I wrote 3-4yrs back needs some kind of upgrade as people are asking me questions based on that.
First of all I apologize for not sharing any articles in past weeks, as I was busy with a lot of work at home + festive season work. So it totally slipped out of my hands.

Kundalini Awakening sensations -
- I had shared earlier that you feel very strong vibrations, but I have also known people who have not felt a single vibration in their body and yet their kundalini is awakened.
- About the practices, I feel that any type of spiritual practices that we do. Or are motivated to do will help us to go ahead in our kundalini journey.
- Kundalini journey is long, and chakras opening might take time. I have known people devoting their entire lives for their K journey. But its not necessary for everyone to open all chakras. Some people are fine opening 3 chakras. Some want to open 5 chakras some all 7. Whereas there are people who are totally fine without awakening their kundalini.

Experiences in life - 
There will be very profound experiences in your dreams, or waking state when you reach different levels of kundalini and chakra opening.
But at the same time, there are people who don't remember anything such happening to them. And yet they just feel a bit of positiveness and then feel that things have shifted and they're better person then before. Totally getting this now. As not everyone has blocks and so not everyone will feel intense during chakra opening and kundalini awakening.

Awakened beings -
At this point in my life, I feel there are already a lot of awakened beings going around. Its just that they might not be knowing that why they're different. You just dont buy on to the modernization that's not good for human body or the environment. Whatever difference you have in your thinking, you are totally happy with not being the common person. And happily carry yourself naturally. Though people around you feel you are weird, clown, or some psycho.
Yes there are number of people who have been diagnosed with psychological issue, whereas its their kundalini awakening. Yes it will affect you psychologically if you dont shift your mindset and your way of thinking. When you evolve you can no more keep that old patterns of thinking and contracted awareness garbage.
I had read somewhere that kundalini journey is very difficult to complete in a lifetime, and so based on that I tried to look everywhere with that spectacle. Which made that conclusion correct. Whatever I am happy that's not the way. And awakening can happen fully even without the mere feeling of it happening to you.

More on this later.... I have to rush out!
Thanks for reading.

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