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Friday, 9 October 2015

How to get financial stability with kundalini awakening?

By reading the benefits kundalini brings once the complete awakening happens, like once when your kundalini crosses all the seven chakras. It might make you think whether kundalini awakening might bring you riches and make you a millionaire or not.
Well kundalini awakening does not always work the way you think. Its not a quick fix that can make you into a millionaire in a few days. As I have told earlier on this blog, that kundalini sometimes takes years to complete the full awakening.
Among all its different ways and phenomenon's, kundalini bringing you financial stability is also a fact. Kundalini balances and removes the blockages that you have been carrying since past many births. And when those blocks are removed you make more chances of goodness to be a part of your life then adversity. Get me here, I said "goodness" and not riches. Riches are not important for every human on this planet to have.
Let's get into this topic further, to help you understand better. So that you know how you're gonna get financial stability with kundalini awakening

What happens when kundalini awakens?
When kundalini awakens there is a blast of energy into your entire body. Its not anywhere from the outside, it comes from the inside. Yes if you are a beginner you might not understand the difference.
This blast of energy actually starts clearing your system and taking you a step further, everytime that blast happens. Your awakening is complete when your kundalini opens and crosses all 7 major chakras.

Financial security with kundalini awakening

Until then, it will keep cleaning and moving further. Well kundalini not exactly cleans, but it will prompt you to take certain actions after every step of spiritual evolution. And when you follow those actions, you will be cleaning your blockages. How? By undoing the wrong that you were doing since years.

Balanced chakra Effects -
The major chakras are seven in number. When all chakras are balanced then you are aligned with the universal cosmic energy flow and so you will be open to the universal abundance. Now this abundance doesnt mean only monetary. You will be open to abundance in all areas of your life.
Abundance means you don't lack in anything, and you have as much as you need.

The first three chakras - 
The root chakra and swadhisthan chakra a.k.a the first two base chakras are closely associated to the materialistic realm and abundance. The root chakra if totally balanced brings good health and stablility in your physical world. A good balanced sacral chakra will help you to love what you have. Love comforts and beauty that you already have in life. Which will then make you attract the same into your life, such that you keep getting more of it. And the manipura chakra will keep you and your energy under your control which will make you in total control of your decisions and actions.
Most if the money gets wasted when people spend it carelessly, or by poor decisions about spending. The manipura chakra keeps your energy under your control, if this chakra is not balanced then your decisions  & actions might/will be hugely based on the outer environment. And so you cannot be in control of your finances.

What can kundalini do for you?
Kundalini Awakening is a boon to humans. When kundalini gives you an energy blast, it cleanses the energy system to make your chakras balanced. And this stability will help you to bring stability in your mind and body .It will help you to make life better for you. Ofcourse life isn't going to be 100% problem-free ever.

You are not born to party, but to bring a transformation on this planet. And so life would have ups and downs, to make you realize that you need to bring betterment on the planet.

What can kundalini not do for you?
Kundalini cannot make you a millionaire in a snap. Kundalini awakening cannot help you to magically produce food/gold/materialistic resources from thin air. Those are tricks and can be done by anyone who's not awakened by shakti.
Kundalini cannot make you shift time, and undo things. Nobody can do that.

How to be a millionaire?
This is a huge thing today. Almost every single person you meet and ask their financial goals, they will tell you they want to become millionaires or even billionaires. But the moment you ask them, what are you going to do with those millions? They have no clue! They blankly say they'll do some good work.
Nature will always give you, when you need it. And when you need more, nature will create more for you. So inorder to do some good work, you don't need millions beforehand. You have to begin doing that work, and nature will slowly begin creating riches for you to fulfill your purpose.

So if you are reading this entire post just to learn how to become a rich person with the help of your kundalini, then first try to figure out what your life purpose is. And then start working upon it. To have more money, you will have to choose a life goal that's bigger and huge. And your life's goal shouldn't be huge just so that you can become rich. It wont help then. You need to find some life goal that's really close to your heart.

You will personally get money ONLY as much as you need. Nobody can ever have money more then their need. If you are disagreeing to this fact, saying that many millionaires and billionaires are earning that much. Then I would like to check you here, they always have huge responsibilities to feed 100's of people working in their industry. Also they have multiple careers where they will invest. And if they hoard on money, then they pay it in huge lumps to doctors. Nobody can hog on to money more then their normal needs. When money is unjustly hoarded or blocked by greed. Nature has its own way to make it "flow".

When kundalini awakening completes its journey, by opening all chakras. At that time there's a greater chance to get abundance and to make millions. This though then will be your personal choice, to get it or not. And personally you'll choose it if your soul had decided to get it before birth. As many people realize great truths about their own life after kundalini awakening And so ask only as much as their need. If somebody has to do a really big job, then they will attract millions or billions in their life.

To keep your Chakras balanced, I will be sharing a meditation in future. Stay tuned.
MEanwhile, let me know what's about this article that you liked! Also let me know your questions and comments in the box below.
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