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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kundalini Research

Kundalini Research stated here is based on my knowledge and my own research about kundalini. Kundalini is the age old method to reach to God. And according to me is the ONLY thing that every religious text explains. But as these texts have fallen into hands of various scholars their meaning, overall wisdom has all changed and has a watered down effect. Also some people who actually who were not totally awakened tried to decipher these texts and have totally messed up with the content, though their intention was not to do that. They might be people wanting to make money by books that they saw were hugely in demand. So whatever the reason was, you are now in the state that you want the truth about Kundalini.
Whereby now these texts appear to have different taste according to every religion. But if you are kundalini awakened and if you have opened your first five chakras, and if you try to read these texts then you will easily be able to see the similarity in all of the texts. But ofcourse, these people who lead the religion don't know that because their ego's are not allowing them to consider the oneness. Ego wants to prove superiority of its religion. Every religion has something to feel extremely proud about, and something extremely shameful things. It applies to ALL RELIGIONS and not one religion exists that is totally clean from politics or corruption.
Every religious leader may or may not be kundalini awakened. And if they have not progressed with their chakras, then you might see flashes of ego in their religious preachings. And ego is the ONLY reason behind all these religious wars and terriorists attacks.

Truths about Kundalini -

The biggest truth about Kundalini is that every religion had, has and will have the knowledge to awaken it inside their texts. But the knowledge is tangled in such a way that you usually would give up holy books. Just because you cannot make any sense of it.
Christianity - Christianity has this ceremony called baptism. Which is believed to make a child a Christian.  It is done around the age 8-12.
Hinduism - Where there is 'janoi' ceremony. Where the kid of about 8-10 is made to wear a sacred thread thread and blessed by the maharaj. Again something similar.
Islam - In Islam there is a ceremony called Haqikah, that is done to both males and females as soon as they are born.
Parsis - Navjot, ceremony where child is made a Parsi. Its done at around the age of 7-11 years.
To elaborate this further  you might say that its to make the child belonging to that particular religion. Or to help the child accept that religion's teachings, make the child aware of good and bad deeds and ceremony that that marks the child's soul with some imprint that they follow the path of virtue.
So according to me its meant for making the child ready for kundalini awakening purpose. The child is given a kind of shaktipat during the ceremony, that maks the soul with energy so that the child grows up virtuously, by awakening his kundalini. Some ceremonies are done immediately after birth whereas some are done around the age of 8-12yrs. And as Kundalini awakening takes time to open chakras, the journey while the child grows will mark as the journey of kundalini awakening. And as soon as the child is fully grown, which might make him progress quite a bit on his kundalini path. He will have virtuous qualities enough so that they can be ready to give his worthy contributions on this world. Getting anything significant now?
When any soul is born in this world, only then they are distinguished by the male and female aspect of human birth. Otherwise a soul is neither male nor female. Also being a part of the dual world of good and bad. And so the child needs to be made aware of it. So a ceremony is sometimes done with newly born kids, or with kids around the age 8-12 when they are beginning to develop their puberty.

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