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Friday, 9 January 2015

Level 1 Kundalini Shaktipat Event

Level 1 Kundalini Shaktipat event -

Level 1 shaktipat is for you if you are totally new to kundalini awakening process. This level will help you to open up to the energies of the shakti within your system. It will cleanse and stir ur energies that might be stagnant within your system and get them ready for the awakening process.

The three nadis will be cleanedand balanced, inorder for preparing them for the awakening process. Note that the awakening will take place and the kundalini will be entering only through the central channel, but the other left and right nadis need to be balanced inorder for the central nadi to be prepared for a smooth awakening.

This level will PREPARE you fully for the kundalini awakening that you will be doing through the level 2 and 3.

Note here that this is a preparatory level and depends on you how you prepare. If you are not dedicated 100% to take this course right now then please DONOT take it. Preparation will involve a huge amount of stirring up of mental, emotional and physical energy through exercises that will bring catharsis. This will need you to be quite tough physically. So if you have health issues, get healthy first and then contact me. As you will need a special plan to come to 'physical strength' slowly and then take this course.

Duration - Process will include, opening your energy system to receive the Shakti transmission for all seven days. Time will be given to you(according to what suits you) for getting the shaktipat transmission specially at your meditation times. Please write to me first for shaktipat time adjustments.

Energy Exchange - $49USD.

Payments will be accepted after 28th Feb 2015.
By then please contact me and verify your timings and other details.

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