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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Love & Sexual attraction after Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is the primal force that governs our life, which very few people know who are not aware of it. Kundalini whether awakened or dormant, still it is responsible for everything that happens in our life.

With kundalini awakening I have seen an extraordinary thing, this is a usual thing that every K awakened person feels and goes through, if you are kundalini awakened person you will surely agree with me. With the kundalini rising, it also makes you more attractive and appealing- is what one notices at first when going through the awakening phase. Also you might feel this for the Guru itself!

But this is just one side of the point that we are taking into account. Kundalini of course clears all debris in you and so also makes you look more appealing. That's no doubt but attraction doesn't happen just because of this.

Attraction also happens usually with the souls who are not awakened, towards the souls who are K awakened. This clearly happens because the un-awakened kundalini in that body very well knows that it can get an awakening in some way or the other, if it gets in contact with the already  kundalini awakened person. And whether the kundalini awakened person gives out or not any particular way to that person, the un-awakened somehow gets the way. By the easy way or the hard way. But eventually they too start their kundalini journey after coming in contact with these K awakened souls, this doesnt mean they too will get their kundalini awakened at once. But the spark is shown to them about kundalini, which sooner or later make them too long for getting to burn that spark within their own body.

Now the issue how to handle these people, for all those who are already awakened. When you know certain things more on deeper level and have more understanding and wisdom to take life and its phases in a better way; you by any way cannot just treat these 'attracted' people as if they are flirty or with an 'after-you' type of feeling. When you know the 'whys' you cannot behave like ordinary people.

Try to show these people the right way, show them how to 'see positivity' in life, how to see goodness in everything; rather then just ignoring them and making fun of them for falling in love with you. Troubled souls always have got less on love part, so don't make them feel that its a big mistake they have fallen in love with you. Compassionately deal with them. The least thing a kundalini awakened divine person can behave to un-awakened people, is to treat them as if they have gone nuts. When you are awakened, you have bigger responsibilities to deal with people.
But this also doesn't mean that you give-away yourself to them as a partner, even though you may not have any such feelings for them. Try to draw a healthy boundary line and specify clearly; if possible also tell them why the attraction is happening which may help them 'wake-up' and get normal with themselves. Doing this will neither make them feel ashamed of themselves, for behaving in a crazy way; and if possible also bring them to the right path of moving towards awakening. Not accepting themselves is the biggest reason a soul get into suffering, and the least you too want them to feel this all the more.

I also have seen this phenomenon happening with many Guru's where students fall deeply in love with them. Now to handle this situation in a sensible way is very important rather then just dealing with such people like what happens in the usual materialistic world... ignoring, insulting, making fun-of.... These are the most downtrodden ways that any wise kundalini awakened soul can choose. When ordinary people get a hell from the materialistic world, its only then- that they get attracted towards spiritual world. Which obviously means these souls have already been through this kind of hurtful experiences; and the least you can do to them, is to behave in the same way.
The relationship between a Guru and disciple is of the highest rank on earth then any other relationship. A Guru is a mother, father, brother, sister, strict teacher, mild teacher etc everything that a soul needs to 'stand upright on his path and clear his way to have a wonderful awakening'. And when the kundalini is in its immaturity, means its activated yet not awakened the student also sees a new relationship emerging. The Love-relationship(it can be in any form), the love that they were searching for years and years, the true-ness and loyalty in love that they longed for, the security they longed for-- finally its you in whom they see it coming true. You are the one who is helping the broken souls again believe in these facts that they too are worthy of getting Love. The love can be of any form, it can be love for you considering you their beloved, any parent, brother/sister or friend or God itself. And the least you can do is to hurt them, who have just begun to again believe in love after searching for years and years for love but got just pain. After getting repetitive failures just everywhere, these souls almost might have screamed thousands of times to call out to God; do you want to make these pain stricken souls more painful?
To bring 'awareness' in your students about this phenomenon happening, and why it is happening is very important. Because its not you towards whom they are getting attracted.
Every soul however sinful or divine it is, there resides an unquenchable thirst to meet the divine, see the divine, feel the divine 'in this birth' itself, which a soul goes crazy after the activation of kundalini, and seeing the divine 'in form'.... ahem...ahem..., divine in the form of you.. the Guru! So does this divine love require you to deal with it? whether to accept or to avoid it? Do you have right to do it?
The divine is talking through you, with whom these people have fallen in love with. They dont love you, they love the Divine peeping through your eyes. You don't have a right to shoo them away, to insult them neither to accept their love in physical form. Remember they have a thirst for the love from the divine, never give up yourself to this love. They dont want your Love, they want the love of the divine that is pure and truthful and innocent in every way.
Try to make these souls aware why they feeling attracted towards you, and what they can do. Ask them its divine energy through you, and they should deal with the divine directly rather then depending on you for that Love.

Divine when chooses to peep through you, to make someone's life better, try to act in a way that tells the divine that he has made the right choice by showing Him to them through you....! Never ever take advantage of these people who feel they now totally belong to you, neither make fun of them or insult them to shoo them away and wake them up. Do you want to wake them up in such a way, giving out a message that you too are just like any ordinary person judging like people in the ordinary world; even after being the representative of God with awakened Divine kundalini?!

If they are not seeing Divine directly through you, which usually is a confusion or in-acceptance from the top-levels; then they might feel your positivity is making them terribly attracted towards you. But the round about reason is the same.

Also if some Guru's or wise soul's if try to take advantage of you, or try to get physical with you; then that's the first sign of how immature they are. Dont freak out! Get away and choose someone else who you feel might be more eligible to handle this kind of love and devotion.
God bless you, to deal best with people who are seeing God through you!


  1. u havent "woken" up friend. you only activated the shakti. you have not woekn up because your still identifying to an identity of an "awakened being" in reference to point b which is "unawakened beings". this means enlightenment has not happened. shakti is a different aspect and has nothing at all to do with waking up at all. it connects you to the super conscious but it will still nt mean that your awakened. if this statement creates resentment or repulsion then ego is present or identity is present. a sure shot signal that uve not woken up. kundalini also getting aroused is a different matter and awakening is different matter. aroused is nt big deal. but only when it reaches the crown it is considered awakened. rest is simple shakti in motion, btw when u have really woken up there is no identity of the "divine' either. there are no reference points, no identification at all. thats what is an awakening. this is merely shakti arousing. hari om tat sat

  2. Thank you for adding this point. It was actually missed to be added.

  3. Totally agree with you. A kumdalini awakening process makes you attractive. I do not know if its usual but I observe that one remains youthful.

  4. These people who got attracted can turn horribly vindictive and hateful if they feel rejected and neglected. So there's a big danger to randomly attracting strangers spiritually.


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