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Friday, 12 July 2013

Kundalini Shaktipat Mantra Diksha will be soon available.

Kundalini Shaktipat Mantra Diksha

Kundalini Shaktipat through Mantra Diksha will be soon available for everyone. Starting from this August 2013. Read the below given points very very carefully, if necessary read them twice or thrice before making up your mind for appearing for this Diksha.

Rules for Mantra Diksha -
  • Mantra Diksha will be given to one person chosen to be fit for it.
  • You cannot choose, you will be chosen
  • One mantra will work for your entire lifetime.
  • Mantra will be unique for each participant.
  • Diksha available for one's who are ready to commit to the discipline of Mantra Diksha for entire lifetime.
  • Diksha available only @Valsad Gujarat. No Skype/phone/email diksha available.

Something Important to consider -
  • No queries regarding where I learnt this or who my Guru is will be answered. Please choose to participate if you believe 100% in yourself and are ready to believe in me without knowing these details; these questions would not be answered even after you become my student/friend.
  • Mantra should be used only for your wellness and well-being of the society. Only then your mantra will be effective for you. If you try to mis-use the powers of mantra or act out of ego with the mantra, those times mantra will go ineffective. It will be effective only when you use it with pure unconditional Love towards yourself & rest of humanity.
  • Mantra Diksha rules & regulations and discipline will be very strict and will needed to be followed the very day you get the Diksha. Day you appear for Diksha discipline for that day will be very strict and has to be followed 100% accurately.
  • If in any case you fail to abide by the discipline of Mantra Diksha, you will not be given any refund of your fees. And you cannot appear for another Mantra Diksha for next 10 years.
    [Mantra Diksha will need to be taken only once in a lifetime, and discipline will be needed to be followed strictly.]

Fees for Mantra Diksha -

One time Fees for this diksha will be Rs.8500/- or $ 1500 USD.
[If you are a resident of India, only then you can pay in Indian currency. Else you have to pay the USD charge which is applicable for global citizens. ]
No discounts available even if you are my friend/family/relative.

What will be included in this package -

One Shakti induced mantra.
Any other materials that I may feel are important for you like crystal/rudraksh/mala/shells etc. Will be included, you are not supposed to ask for any of these.
One 8 hour private session, which will be only for you. No other participants allowed with your session.

Inside the Session-
  • Sessions will be customized for every participant so no two people will be given the same knowledge or rules or teaching.
  • It may also invove chanting mantra for 6 to 8 hrs straight. So please come to attend this session if you are physically fit and are very very eager for getting Diksha.
  • No physical touch involved during the session. Touch may be necessary for some people on forehead or crown or left/right ear. No other body parts will be touched.
  • And same thing is expected from the participant, participants are not allowed to touch me.
  • No unnecessary conversation/communication allowed inside the session.
About the costs of this session -
  • This session may be costly for some of you, the reason is just to induce a level of seriousness with this Diksha; priced this way will help a participant to understand the seriousness of Mantra Diksha and follow its discipline regularly and seriously abide by its discipline.
  • Mantra given will be power induced which is priceless, so this charge is not for the mantra. Cost is just for you to commit seriously towards the discipline of the mantra diksha for entire lifetime.
Contact me -

If you are ready to participate after reading all the above rules and points, please mail me at powerbooster@facebook.com

All inquiries related to Mantra Diksha will be answered via emails only.

No mails asking details, which are already given here will be answered.


Rules, regulations & Discipline for Mantra Diksha -

Since you are a Mantra Diksha enthusiast you need to know the Rules & Regulations as well as the regular discipline that you would need to follow, before taking in the diksha.

Rules & Regulations-

  • No Drinking, Smoking, Tobacco or Psychedelic Drug intake after you have taken Diksha.
    [If you are from a cold nation, please arrange necessary measures to cut cold during winter. There are certain foods and fruits that impart heat to the body. Appear to this diksha only if you are very comfortable with this rule.]
  • Talking only positive things for yourself and others. If unsure what to talk in a situation, keep silent
  • Mantra needs to be chanted regularly, and time needs to be set everyday for mantra practice.
  • Mantra given and everything taught during the session will be custom made for each participant. These techniques/ideas are not to be shared under any circumstances with anyone. Also Mantra needs to be kept secret for entire lifetime from everyone.

Discipline to be followed during the session -

  • During the session the participant is required to fast, the day they appear for diksha. You will have to be only on water (or fruit juices if you cannot stay without water)
  • You will have to practice maun vrat, silence/no communication for complete session from when you appear into the premises, until you leave it.
  • No phones allowed or answering through messages also allowed.
  • Asking questions in no case will be allowed during or after session is completed.
  • Alternates will be provided to get solutions to issues that may arise after the diksha.
  • You will be tested during the diksha session whether you are fit for getting the diksha or not.   

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