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Monday, 13 May 2013

Kundalini & Awakening

Kundalini and its awakening is an important event that takes place in a soul's life. And every evolved soul always tries to move towards such an awakening. 

If you feel elated by reading about Kundalini and its success stories, then you are an evolved soul.
If you feel to bring an end to your troubles of your life, by taking action and improving yourself on all levels to free yourself from misery then you are an evolved soul.
If you feel you can become successful, happy, lucky in this birth itself by self-improving and working on yourself to any extent your life demands; then you are an evolved soul.
If you feel you yourself are the one who can change your destiny, then you are an evolved soul.

Kundalini when is going to give you great experiences in your life, then it will drag you towards its knowledge and postings like this on the internet, or any where else, guide you to books on kundalini or Guru's who can guide you about Kundalini. You will yourself feel dragged and dropped into its knowledge and courses without any clue. Like as if nature is magically picking you up from some place where you wanted to go desperately to a place where you dont know what's happening. But after a while you feel at the right place at the right time.

If reading this article makes you feel elated and motivated, then perhaps you too are going to be gifted by Kundalini in this birth itself. It depends when ans where nature grants it to you.

How to decide you are ready for your Kundalini Awakening?
Reading any amount of articles on kundalini will make you want to read more and more about it and you feel as if the book or the article was tailor written for you. And you promise yourself to try it out once in your lifetime.

How to choose the right teacher or Guru for kundalini ?
Choosing the right teacher or guru is very very important, as the progress of the student will directly depend upon it. A quality Guru will always try to life his student up from mess and show him the path of liberation.

What qualities you need to adapt for Kundalini Awakening?

Trust - Trust on the guru is the first and very important thing that a student needs to have. Because its the Guru's energy that is going to help the student raise his dormant kundalini.

Unconditional Love- Unconditional Love towards the guru/teacher is important. Sometimes its difficult to accept it for a physical dimension Guru. In this case the student  can consider any Ascended Master as their Guru (Who we know as Krishna, Ram, Jesus, Moses...etc) And practice unconditional love towards them.

Discipline- Once you have chosen your Guru, then it is important to follow his guidance. If you don't obey by his commands then it is like choosing ignorance when the knowledge has come to you. You need to be disciplined as a human being too. As kundalini rising brings tremendous powers, that staying a humble being with all those powers is the biggest test.

Test - There will be a number of Test's that nature/divine will put up for you to bring you down your path like distrust in your Guru, problems arising around you, your own mind getting devilish. These are the minor test's that Kundalini takes for its disciples before granting with ultimate powers and divinity. As a person with minor setbacks and tantrum's are not legitimate for handling such huge responsibility of being a divine personality.

Clearing - Also clearing your life of mess is important part that Kundalini wants to make you do before you take a greater responsibility of clearing the planet of its mess. As there needs to be complete calm and contement in yourself first if you feel to bring it to the world.

So that's all for today's Kundalini dose, will get back with more knowledge some other time.
Next Kundalini Shaktipat begins from 21st till 27th May + 15 more days of Shaktipat.

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