Kundalini Shaktipat : Major Shaktipat Events
Kundalini Shaktipat will be available from now onwards. 21 Day Shaktipat available from 11th November. Last date for registrations 10th November

Major Shaktipat Events

A Equinox/Solstice is time when the seasons change and the 21st of September is a powerful one as the path of the sun changes on this day, due to the tilt of the planet. Due to this, this day 21st Sept holds a great importance. (There are four days around the year when the planet tilts they are 21st March the vernal Equinox, 21st June Summer Solstice, 21st Sept Autumnal Equinox, and 21st Dec the Winter Solstice.)

The planet tilts on the days of solstices & equinoxes leading to climatic changes, due to this tilting of the planet there is a great amount of energy provided by the cosmos to the planet earth at this time in order to create the right tilt for the change in the climate.

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This is the reason why there are occasions or celebration around these days, to welcome the seasons; but from a deeper point of view the amount of joy put in at this time leaves a greater impact on our minds and bodies and lasts for years to come. The amount of happiness or spirituality practiced during this time gives us four times more effect then on normal days...

Due to this significance of this day, any spiritual activities done during this time leaves a deeper impact on our soul, the cleansing of karma's and blocks becomes 4x easier and faster....

And so I have decided to arrange a Kundalini Shaktipat on all days of Solstice's and Equinoxes every year, only on request. No public event would be arranged but Shaktipat will be given only to few special ones who request. And not everyone can participate in this event, as energy is very intense during this time. The duration will be the same as for normal Shaktipat event. It would be for 7 days(From 21st - 27th). The time when the Shaktipat will start will be from 5 am on 1st day till 5 am on the 8th Day which focuses on activating the seven chakra's  after which the Shaktipat energy will commonly work on whole body. But your journey will still continue as your Kundalini would be activated and progress speedily by then. And Shaktipat given during this time will be 4x more powerful as the planetary and cosmic energy will also be working with the Shaktipat energy that will be sent by me. And also the receptivity of the energy in the participant will be more as he/she too would be affected by the planetary energy along with his/her willingness to get Kundalini activated.

So everyone who reads this post are all welcome for this Shaktipat. The charges are the same and kept to the minimum so that everyone can easily participate in this event.

(You will have to send me your pic before you make the payment as I will have to make sure whether you are eligible for this day's Shaktipat or not.)

online payment methods available.

A special arrangement is made for people wanting to join this event in-person.

(ebook will be provided.)

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