Kundalini Shaktipat : FAQ
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Q- What is Kundalini Awakening and Activation?
A- Kundalini awakening is the awakening of the serpent and feeling its crawl on your back, whereas activation is by giving a Shaktipat and the vibrations thereafter keep rising and awaken the serpent.
You will become Kundalini Activated here, and your practices during and after the Shaktipat will help to awaken the serpent.
Q- How much time does it take to awaken the Kundalini during the Shaktipat or after it?
A- This depends upon the emotional blockages that your body contains. If you've have lots of emotional and physical blocks then it will take more time to awaken your Kundalini. Also a doubtful belief system will delay awakening period.
And for people who have lesser blocks they take lesser time. I have students with distant/in-person Shaktipat reporting vibrations on the very 1st day of Shaktipat.
(You may also get vibrations during your sleep. Also you may feel the serpent crawling on the very 1st day when Shaktipat begins.... )
Note- Shaktipat for more then one time can also be needed for awakening the kundalini. As awakening of the kundalini is not in my hands. It completely depends on how strictly you practise your Happy rules.

Q- What are the symptoms of Kundalini activation and awakening?
A- As soon as you start receiving the activation during Shaktipat, you will feel energetic out of no reason. You may find your mind inclined towards positivity and you may start getting stream of knowledge out of no where.
- You will get vibrations in your body during meditation, while resting or even during sleep.
- You will get motivated to do a lot of self help work like exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, some books that you've longed to read....
- You may start getting dreams about divine energies around you and motivating you each day.

Q- What if your Kundalini does not awaken during the seven days?
A- The activation will reach and everyone, and from that activation you will be able to awaken your Kundalini anytime even after your Shaktipat.
You can re-apply for Shaktipat. Whether you attend it or not, still you'll be able to awaken your Kundalini on your own.
People like to repeat the Shaktipat because they feel Shaktipat energy quite positive and helpful....

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