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Please contact only after you have been through the full site, no questions that are answered on the site would be entertained.

I don't like calls that are lengthy. I always like to give my best and so haven't provided my cellphone number. Please don't ask for it. If you want consultation then please get it from below this page. 

I check my mails daily, and respond as quick as possible. Just email me.

Please read Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer before participating/ paying for any of my services.
If you want regular sessions, for more then 3-4 hours a week then please mail me your concern and purpose to have those sessions.

[Note - I dont deal with Health Issues, or Black Magic issues.]

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If you want to ask me any question about kundalini then please mail me priti@nirvana-now.in
To participate for Kundalini Warm-up send your full name, date of birth and picture with glasses to my mail address.

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If you are already kundalini awakened or are an aspiring kundalini yoga student then I am sure you have lots of questions to which you need genuine answers from an expert, so why not get a short medium or lengthy consultation from me to help you dissolve your queries/ worries. To get answers from someone who really knows hows ans whys is really helpful and sometimes can save tonnes of troubles.
Also if not exactly about kundalini, then you might be having other spiritual queries and might need some guidance from an Intuitive person. And I would be happy to help you.  Just select which of these short or long sessions you would like to have.

अगर आपको कुंडलि‍नी शक्तिको जागरण करनेसे सम्बंधधित सवाल है जो आप किसी विशेषज्ञसे ही पूछना चाहते है तो फिर आप मुझसे अल्प, माध्यम या दीर्घ समयवाला कंसल्तेशनले सकते है| मुझे पता है कि किसी विशेषज्ञसे जानकारी या वार्तालाप कितना आवश्यक हो जाता है ऐसे समय पर| तो आप बेझिझक मुझसे कंसल्तेशन ले ले|
कंसल्तेशन के भाव नीचे दिए गए है -

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