Kundalini Shaktipat : Chakra Scanning
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Chakra Scanning

Chakra Scanning 

Every Good or Bad that happens in your life is actually manifested through the way your Chakras rotate. Chakras means wheels in sanskrit, or vortices of energy. These are located near the major Hormonal glands in your body. And so your thoughts, immediately put into action some mechanism through the feelings that are generated as a result of your thoughts. This mechanism manifests into your life, the results of your thoughts. Ofcourse the moving of Chakras are beyond control for you, if you are not into spirituality or don’t get much time to balance them, due to hectic life. Still these Chakras continue their mechanism according to their movements and rotation.

According to your Karmas and your Karmic baggage, you have a certain type of mind-set that makes one or more of your Chakras go imbalanced due to karmic garbage into the chakra/s. And this might be with just one or two chakras but you will get bothered the most by the consequences that you reap out of it.

I am not talking about the opening of the chakras that happens during Kundalini awakening process, that you might have heard. But I am talking about the state of rotation of chakras while you are in your normal state of awareness. A Kundalini Awakened person has all Chakras mostly balanced, if their awakening is complete(All chakras crossed).

Whether you are on your Kundalini journey, or not; but still you might want to know which one’s of your Chakras are balanced and stay positive most of the time, while which chakras tend to get imbalanced quickly and cause you major issues/ discomfort in your life.

Get your Chakra scanning report, it will help you to know about all your chakras. Which chakras are powerful and which are weak and tend to get imbalanced soon. You will also be given solution for the weaker chakras to help them get balanced quickly as soon as they get imbalanced, within just a few seconds.

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