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Is this site perfect for you for Kundalini Awakening?
Hi this is Priti, and with this site I am intending to give few services related to kundalini awakening. Keep reading along this page to know whether its really good for you to connect to me for kundalini related stuff.

Do you have to accept me as your Guru?
Well Yes and No. Initially you will need to accept me as your Guru. As your acceptance and trust in me will allow the shaktipat energy to work through your energy system. So to get utmost results with shaktipat, you need to trust/ have faith in me.
But not everyone can accept human's as "Guru" unless you have some known accounts of me, giving some extraordinary wisdom or doing some extraordinary supernatural feats. So if that is you case I would like to suggest you to accept any Ascended Master as your Guru. Like Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Buddha etc.

How Kundalini Shaktipat works? 
Kundalini shaktipat works directly with your energy body or aura. And the more clear your aura is, the more clear is your mind and body the quicker results you will have.
I have recently become very picky about giving shaktipat. As I feel people who are not prepared just want to feel the 'power of kundalini' and 'high vibrations' and so they don't prepare themselves. And just ask for shaktipat. So I have made certain things mandatory before you want a Shaktipat from me.
Just read the Kundalini Shaktipat Event page to know the requirements for appearing in shaktipat.

What you will feel during the Shaktipat?
Kundalini Shaktipat happens by opening you to the Shakti, this will happen by energy passing(shaktipat). And will help you feel very positive, shifted in energy or maybe just Happy.
- Kundalini will awaken in you at anytime, its not necessary that it will awaken only during Shaktipat transference sessions. You might be able to feel it even during Meditation, Sleep or resting state.
- You will feel as if you are an energy, rather then feeling your body. You will feel as if you are larger or beyond your body.
- Also with my past few years of conducting Kundalini awakening events, I've known that vibrations, sensations etc are different for everyone. And no two people have the same experience. So you shouldn't expect what's written here, as the only true-thing that marks kundalini awakening. Some people do have vibrations, while some don't. So no expecting.

What will be your progress during Shaktipat?
Kundalini Awakening and its opening of Chakras is a different phenomenon for everyone. And so you will be having your own special time duration for awakening it. Ofcourse your Kundalini will be working even if you feel opening of chakras has stopped to some chakra, or you dont seem to go through awakening symptoms at all for sometime. Your kundalini is intelligent energy, and will work towards the best, easiest and quickest path possible for you.
Yes you may awaken your kundalini or maybe not during the shaktipat.
To make your possibilities greater of awakening kundalini during the shaktipat, you have to follow the guidance given by me very closely.

About the Fees?
I understand that getting wonderful things like Kundalini Awakening for free is what you would love, but it takes great amount of work on the other side of conducting events like these; which I know you can surely understand. Also the managing of the website and other resources that I spend after, to bring this site to you are not free. So you are supposed to pay for the Shaktipat.
Ofcourse you understand that Shaktipat or Kundalini Awakening phenomenon are PRICELESS! And are beyond measure in value that you would be getting. So the course fees is just a bare minimum.

About me -
I have been a Kundalini Awakened person. My Kundalini journey began since January 2007 and along the way I learnt quite a lot from my experiences with Kundalini. About my Kundalini journey I just would like to say that I never expected or opted for it consciously. It just happened.

You might doubt whether I am a kundalini awakened person or not, or whether I am really eligible to give you shaktipat; I would like to say that just go along this blog, see my videos on youtube related to kundalini. And if you are convinced 100% that I am eligible for you to give you an awakening experience, then join my events.

I have not shared my exact experiences as not everyone will go through the same experiences, so its actually worthless to share your experiences with anybody. Also knowing about others' experiences makes the aspirant expect the same thing to happen to them, which is not going to be the case. I also don't share name of Guru, AT ANY COST!! So if you can take that, you can join my Shaktipat.

And exact spiritual experiences can never be shared, as no two people are going to have the same experience. And what you go through is for your life's learning. It has nothing to do with others. So I am not sharing my experiences here, or with anyone who meets me personally.

About how I am eligible to give Shaktipat?

Kundalini Awakening is a phenomenon, which I guess you must be knowing. Its happens by help of a Guru or sometimes even happens on its own. So actually there is no certification, that can prove to you that a particular person is 'Awakened'.
Before offering shaktipat through my sites, I have already tested my shaktipat giving skill on a couple of my friends, who said they did experience something when I gave them initiation.
Also now its a couple of years since when I am giving shaktipat. And have got a number of my participants report me with kundalini activation and kundalini awakening symptoms.

How can you trust me?

Trust is something that nobody can buy, it has to be generated from within. And I would really appreciate it, if you have trust in me for my profession. Also if you still can't fully trust in me, that's human nature as you and me always like to measure all parameters, and step into an area only when we feel 100% comfortable.

So if its not yet that you have gained trust in me, then go through this site. Join my newsletter, it will help you to know me better. That way you can gradually build trust in me. And when you are ready you can participate in my events.
Read this ---> Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer

Also Note - I get a number of emails daily, I usually avoid long emails that are full of story about life. Everybody has a life story and I respect yours too. But its not practically possible for me to read lengthy stories and reply to them.

Suffering, problems etc is something that every living being on this planet has gone through. Its inevitable. But to stay stuck with those memories is what will block your life process from moving ahead.

So keep it short. I don't read emails that have any health problem discussed or any description about any disease about someone or in general. I delete these kind of emails directly without reading them. As I am not a medical professional and am not supposed to handle or give advice for them.

Well as you want to know about me, and what I do. I would like to share this book over here. Its not on Kundalini but its on Tarot. Tarot isn't everybody's interest, but I have put quite an important topic 'journey of every soul' which I think you need to know. And will definitely help you at some point of other in your life.
Its widely available on Amazon, Flipkart and other major online and offline stores.

Note - Fees of Shaktipat will begin from $999 USD so please don't crib over it in email or comments that I am money hungry or spiritual stuff should be for free. This is how I do, if you can take it then you can join the next Shaktipat. There are 3 levels of this program. Details will be given about all programs once you join the basic program.


Do you have questions? Feel free to ask me in comments below!