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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Materialistic Guru's have short-lived reverence

Guru: Guru is a term that you must be familiar with, if you are a kundalini aspirant. And finding one guru that is perfect with extraordinary powers is a longing for everyone. Well with all the glory of having a guru, I would also like to make you aware of the fact that materialistic Guru's are always temporary. And they can never be always up your mind with the same level or ever increasing level of respect and reverence.

Initial Guru in materialistic world is necessary- 

When you are not aware of a speck of spirituality or spiritual progress, then you need a Guru. Who can be near you and can guide you at every step in life. As initially you don't believe in energy world. So for you to see and feel the presence of your Guru through your physical eyes is necessary. As you will never indulge into any beliefs that are higher then this practice.

Materialistic Guru's have a short-lived reverence -
The initial charm and trust in a materialistic Guru will be intense. The Guru will seem all truthful, and everything else will appear as a falsity. The guru's words will echo through your soul, and will feel as if its your inner souls voice. The guru's life and way of guiding you towards a better life would seem to be the most perfect way to live by.
But what seems to be this ecstasy and irrevocable faith, will be short lived. And when it ends or gets faded it isn't the end of your world. Its just a gentle nudge from the Universe, that you are uplifted from the initial veil or physical world. Which is imperfect and that imperfection is not visible in your Guru too. Which might feel disgusting on the part that you felt your Guru was a Godly being. But this is a healthy revelation  that universe does to make you aware of the fact

"No physical being is perfect, which includes your guru too. Even God's incarnations when take a physical body, are not perfect."

Why does this happen?
As I have said above, this happens to reveal to you the fact that materialistic world is not perfect. And that its ever changing.
And also the universe needs to pull off the veil of Maya, from your eyes. Till you are under the influence of Maya. You will never be able to see through the truth. And this veil of Maya comes off after regular sadhna to evolve onself.

Does disrupted faith equal to disrupted spiritual progress?

Well when anybody goes through the eye-opening experience of seeing flaws in their materialistic guru, they usually feel cheated, guilty and back to ground zero. And feel as if all your spiritual practices are equal to zero as you are not believing in your guru now as much as how you did before, and you feel seeing flaws or faults with guru downgrades your progress.
Well a simple and honest answer to this is, NO finding flaws or faults in your materialistic guru doesn't equal to downgrade-ment in spiritual progress or taking all your sadhna to ground zero. Its just a sign from universe that your spiritual practices are going quite on the right path. And that you need to now move on to the next level.

What are you supposed to do, when you discover that your Guru isn't perfect?
- The moment you discover your God-man isn't the actual God you were searching for, first of all relax and be thankful to the universe. And rejoice, in that knowingness. This is the first step in finding God. That wherever you were finding him wasn't the right place. Which means he is there guiding you and directing you towards the right source from where you came from.
- Next thing you need to consciously do, is that try not to hate your materialistic Guru. He was the one who initiated you to this journey, yes he isn't perfect which was going to be revealed to you sooner or later. Which he also knew, for which he was consciously guiding you and nudging you again and again. But being under the strong influence if Maya made you blindly trust in your imperfect guru.
- Next thing is don't feel that all your progress is now in vain, and that you will never be able to reach those heights of spiritual ecstasy again. Well that is the initial taste that your Guru has to give you. And then the universe opens those blind-folds so that now you consciously set on the journey of getting that full flavoured that your guru gave you only a tinge of.
- Start searching for the truth or the spiritual bliss that you were searching till now, now the journey will be you guided by your higher Guru. Who doesn't have a form, but is always trustworthy. Who doesn't have a shape but will never let your faith run out.

How to take your spiritual journey ahead after such a revelation?

After this revelation the real journey begins. As your spiritual journey was commencing even when you did not meditate and think negative. Everything that happens in your life whether good or bad. You are getting a step closer to your spiritual journey. As bad experiences make you aware of pain, and your need to find higher amount of energy of love and contentment.
After your temporary Guru's truth is revealed to you, remember you don't have to give up your spiritual practices. Though for a moment you will feel like that's the only option. Most of the people fail at this. They come to a conclusion that spiritual people and spiritual organisations are full of quacks who just want to cheat and lust over. After this they usually try hard to forget their ethereal experiences as a bad dream.
Well that is wrong, well you need to continue your practices even after that.
What might happen initially, is that you may or may not feel the same sort of elated feelings during your practices. But still you need to keep going on. Its just because you are in a temporary entrapment that there is no helping hand for your spiritual path.
But you need to just keep going on and on, gradually you will discover the real Guru.

Well if I want I can write a lot about your real guru or your true Guru, but that's not what you are meant to do. Just reading about how a real or true guru is, isn't your thing. You have to actually discover that real Guru yourself. How you'll do that? well let me keep it a mystery. Try to find this truth in your spiritual practices and meditation.

I know you were searching for this truth since long, and if this post has relieved some burden in you. Then let me know in the comments below. I love to help people keep progressing on their spiritual journey. I hope this post has helped, like comment and share it with your spiritual friends.

I will be back again with something more interesting, until then... chao!

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