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Thursday, 10 November 2016

7 Chakra Magic

7 chakras are the swirling vortices that are made to distribute life energy proportionately into your energy system. This can be called the scientific or theoretical explanation for 7 chakras.
But Chakras are far more then that. 7 Chakras are associated with 7 levels of existence and the more you master each chakra, you master that level.

What does this mean for you?
Well this means that you can use your 7 chakras to help you enter several different consciousness levels. And that will help you to know and uncover different layers of knowledge that is available in that level. For example if you master the base chakra you will be having all knowledge of physical world including physical healing, money and finances, luxuries etc.

So how can you master Chakras?
Chakras though this term is used quite often on this blog and a lot around this internet, is not about getting and learning knowledge from various sources. If you have read all the books in this world related to chakras but haven't practically worked on your chakras, you are as illiterate as any other person in this world who doesn't know about Chakras.

To master chakras - 
To master your chakras you need to work upon your chakras and that too regularly. To work regularly on your chakras you need to meditate upon them and to use your chakras for various life areas.
You will be able to use your power of chakras for your life only when your chakras are balanced and open. And to open your chakras you need to awaken your kundalini. Which is quite obvious. Everything about chakras becomes once the kundalini is awakened.

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