Kundalini Shaktipat : Reasons why Kundalini Awakening is great when you are Healthy?
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Reasons why Kundalini Awakening is great when you are Healthy?

Kundalini Shaktipat is an intense journey and this is not just your Life's journey or experience. Its a Soul's journey and the experience is going to be deeply ingrained into your soul.

Kundlaini Awakening is a phenomenon that a Soul goes through. When it awakens you experience on a mind, body and soul level.
Something that happens on soul level too usually brings about great shifts on physical level too. Means it will change your mentality about the physical world, as well you will be encouraged to change your behaviour and personality on the physical plane as well.

Mental Shifts -

Kundalini brings in huge mental shift. Shifts as in belief system, your viewpoint about how you see things, your perspective about life, and your thought projections about how you think and project your thoughts towards outer environment.
The mental shifts will be on a basis where your lower self's thinking will be replaced by higher and better thought process of your upper self. And during this shift when you are emotionally and physically strong the mental shift happens smoothly.
If your mental shift takes time or effort or becomes stressful mentally then it will show effects on your emotional and physical health. {which you don't want}

Emotional Health - 

You are a human I know, and so having "emotions" is a normal thing for you. But to have a lot of emotions and getting taken away by them will have issues.
And I bet being on journey of Kundalini its an emotional roller coaster. Your life will actually feel as if you are a dramatic movie itself. But it will be that way, because its your Soul's transformation and not just an ordinary experience.
Emotionally also you are expected to grow, to be more productive with your positive emotions and be lesser bent towards operating out or reacting with your negative emotions.

Physical Health - 

Something that's on physical level takes time and effort to come into existence. And so a physical shift of energies that happens by kundalini awakening will happen gradually. And that's why kundalini awakening doesn't happen all at once. Unless you have already opened your chakras in your previous birth and are just here to polish yourself or uncover a few more blockages.
Kundalini has the power to shake up your physical body and its inner systems. But if the mental and emotional health isn't sorted then the physical health might suffer. Yes I say SUFFER. You need to be as much positive, forgiving, loving, kind and compassionate as possible.

You might feel the force of kundalini a lot more pure and difficult to handle. But the force is here for your good, so if you feel intense while the devi awakens try to get more and more on pure side. Goddess loves purity and clarity of one's heart. No matter how silly or bad you were in past. But once you surrender to her, she is ready to prepare you to walk on your Spiritual Path. But for that you will need to surrender and believe in her. Believe in yourself and keep working on purifying your mind/ body and soul. This effort I am not talking of a few days. Its a lifetime journey.

This might bore you, weaken you or frustrate you for a while, a number of times during the journey. That's ok. Its the drama of your ego. That idiot that you are trying to get rid off by rising yourself towards your divine self. Obviously you'll need to kill that devil to get to the divine. And the Mr. EGO isn't going to like it. So it will slam-up and sit down stubbornly in middle of your path. As to confuse you that you are not going anywhere, why to struggle. etc. etc. But stay put on your path.

The growth of rising and being a better human being will begin once you start accepting the mental, emotional and physical shifts. And not otherwise. Not just accepting, but also applying and acting out of those shifts in your day to day life is essential. You cannot expect that something happens from the outside that will strike a bell inside your mind and another phase of your higher enlightened life will begin. The more you accept and broaden your personality by acting out from your higher self will help you to become more and more open to the shift.

The shift is not gonna happen in a boom. But its opening veil after veil to uncover all the petals fully and see the light within.

(And finally there is not re-checking done. Read this article to your best understanding)

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