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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Why do we fall in Love?

Divine reveals himself to us through the eyes of your lover. His qualities of Love are Unconditional & non-judgemental Love.  And so that is what you believe your lover also is. Divine is totally full of love and caring, so that is what you will see through your lover's eyes.

true love
Actually these qualities maynot be of your lover at all, sometimes even in one sided Love. People believe that the other person is Loving and caring for them. Do you know how's that possible? Because when you are in Love that energy is totally engulfed around you. and whatever you see around you, will be through eyes of Love. And so you will always feel that the person you Love is also loving you.
When you are in Love you will actually feel that everybody around you is Caring & Loving. That's the magic of love.

So does that mean, you will be fooled by people who are not good? Why do we fall in LOVE? at all!

- No, not actually. When you are filled with Love. You will be your most positive self and so you will attract -ve people the least.

When your Love is so pure and positive, then why do you experience hurt. Is your next question right? 

- Actually when you are totally in Love and have very strong feelings for someone. You might give a vibe of getting mesmerized by you to the one you love. And so when they are around you, they will be totally enticed by your charm. And when away from you, your partner might return to his/her original self/thoughts/desires and so their desire for someone else, might not popup in your presence. But they'll remember when you are away.
Which actually brings about a picture, that your partner is cheating on you. Or maybe is disloyal to you at your back! :D

Now let's get into deeper...

1 Falling in Love scientific reasons

The scientific reasons of falling in Love are your hormones. Hormones inside you when prepare your body to develop sexuality, also result into you feeling a deep desire for getting "True Love"

What's True love? Does it exist? If there's True love then there must be surely False Love? is it? lol :D :)

Why do we fall in love?

2 Why do we fall in Love?  Spiritual reasons.

God created this world with a desire that it keeps going on and on and on. And so when he gives birth to any soul in a human body, one thing he expects from that soul is that they should reproduce. And the upcoming generation should always be more loving & caring.
And so while scientifically while you are developing your sexual organs, Spiritually you will always feel inclined towards finding "true love". Because it makes you feel vibrant, bright and lively. Well focus more on "lively". You've heard lovers say. I come back to life, looking at you. Well 'life', because that lover is going to help bring a life through you. :P

3 Why do we feel pain and agony, when separation happens or breap-up happens.

There are stories of falling in Love, and similarly there are stories of heartbreaks also. People are sometimes very much blessed and at times totally broke and feel helpless.
So the first thing is that when you are experiencing hurt, and pain in your relationship. There is always something wrong with you. Rather then only your Lover being wrong.
When you are loving conditionally, you will always be hurt and in pain with your relationship. When you loved that person, you never placed a condition that they should Love only you. And not someone else.
This statement might piss you off, as you may feel that 'staying loyal' and 'being only with one person in a relationship' is the real thing. And Relationships should actually happen that way.
Yes in a way you are right. Strong feelings about someone will arise in you only once or maybe twice if you are lucky. Other hook ups will be mostly, where you try to search your 'true lover' of past in somebody who's currently with you. But you cannot bring about this feeling in anybody, it has to come with realization. The other person will feel that truth only by experiencing. And not by you giving an understanding about it.
And it can take weeks, months and even years for this realization to happen! Truth, but its not sad. Because when you realize something by yourself you actually value that truth. And you will always remember for the rest of your life.

4 What should you do inorder that you become an Unconditional Lover.

God's ultimate goal to send you here on this planet, which is your life purpose. And to reproduce so that you leave something for this world even in form of population. And not just your ability. Yes some people choose to stay single, they usually dont come with a purpose of bringing an offspring. Sometimes such people can be yogi's or ascetics of past birth, who totally want to stay away from famial ties.
If you feel that you are stuck with your love-life. And are ending up with people that keep hurting you or are not serious about your feelings. Then this actually might be time for you to wake up. And evolve. Because actually Truth is that nobody ever hurts you, and nobody can ever do anything bad to you. But if things are hurting you, then there's a charge inside you that making people around you behave that way. Or maybe nobody around you is doing anything, you are just getting hurt by your own self. Because of your own beliefs and feelings arising out of that.
And how can you start evolving? Well Meditation is one way, that can help you to evolve. See here, for How to Meditate?

How to live in this materialistic world, with Love and without getting hurt!

If you never want to get hurt while still living in this world. Then you need to be unconditional in loving. When you stop expecting anything from anyone, its then that you are going to get least hurt.
Donot Fall, RISE in Love
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