Kundalini Shaktipat : 17 Invincible Spiritual Laws for Guru-Shishya relationship
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

17 Invincible Spiritual Laws for Guru-Shishya relationship

These are not some laws that I have created, but these are the Laws for Guru-Shishya relationship that exist. They exist from a time immemorial, and I am not the one who created them.
You need to know these rules, if you are into kundalini. Also you need to follow these rules with your Guru, if you have one. And you can follow these rules even if you don't have your guru. You can select your guru from any ascended masters or saints. Its not compulsory to follow all rules, but they exist whether you practice them or not.
Follow rules like touching feet only when you are 100% willing.

Disclaimer - Though I give shaktipat, I don't claim that you should follow these rules with me. These are rules that help you to reach the divine. You have to be assured that you practice them with YOUR TRUE GURU. 
Also these rules work when you practice them with your heart and soul. Also use your common sense. 
These rules apply and give results, when you follow a real yogi. And so make sure you are in the right hands, before you proceed further with any of these rules. 

Believe in whatever your Guru says, without questioning

Whether its agreeable or not agreeable, but do what your Guru has asked you to do. This might make you a skeptic, and you might say immediately. Why to follow somebody's instructions without understanding & why to do it without questioning?!
There are a lot of things that your guru can see, which you cannot. You have contracted awareness when you begin the journey. And more explanations can sometimes not be given, because your ego may raise fears, and insecurities making your path more difficult, confusing and prolonging your spiritual journey to open your chakras by your kundalini.

Never speak ill about your Guru.

Your Guru is someone who has reached a Level in spiritual world. And that state has given him immense powers. All those powers are together a part of his energy system. And those powers protect his being, because he's helping the universe in a certain way.
You trying to talk ill about your guru, is a negative karma in itself. And when you give out that verbally or with actions, those karmas will strike back to you. Because your guru is well protected by universal energies. And with your un-evolved awareness you will not be able to fight back with that energy.
If you by chance do it, then ask for forgiveness with pure heart. And you will feel better.

Touch the feet of your Guru, with hands & forehead.

This is the really blissful feeling and a place to be in. Guru's feet have a lot of positive energy flowing. And it can sometimes itself be a Shaktipat. When you do it willingly of course. If you cannot accept this, then don't do it until you are 100% ready to do it. Or you wont be receiving that immense blissful energy. 
Also don't touch Guru's feet out of greed to get energy, do it out of Love.
If you are form a different religion then Hinduism, then you might not accept this fact. Then I would like to ask, that you perform any form of devotion that's acceptable in your religion. As the faith that we are brought up since childhood, is always more stronger and works quickly with us. Rather then trying to apply other faiths. But if you are still fine doing this, then it would work. 

Follow the directions of your Guru.

He may teach you about one topic, and then not proceed with the next. It simply means that you have not yet put the earlier teaching into practice. Your school teacher can proceed to next lesson, even if you have not learned it. But a Guru will not. Your school teacher is preparing you for your career of 30-40 years. Whereas your Guru is teaching you for this life and for many lifetimes to come. He will never spoon feed or keep strings loose. Universe has placed responsibility of a soul on him, how can he faulter with it!
Your school teacher will remind you again and again to learn the topic that you were taught. But your Guru will never remind you. 
Its not his responsibility to awaken you, he has just taken the responsibility to show you the right path towards awakening and self-realization. He has not taken responsibility to make you walk on that path. Nobody in this entire eternity can take that decision and responsibility for you. 
Guru can never accompany you, to reach your destination.
[ Your Guru will never ask you to do life-endangering things. Guru's in past have done it, like Dronacharya(he asked his student eklavya to cut his thumb).
Also your Guru will never ask for sex with himself or getting involved into sexual activity with someone else. Yes if your sexual desires are coming in the way of your spiritual progress, he might ask you to get married or procreate first or something similar that you can accept and then go to him once your sexual fire is contented. Then after you will be able to freely concentrate on your spiritual journey]

Always be Honest, and communicate your True feelings with your Guru.

Be honest in expressing your truth, no matter how bitter or shameful it may be. But your Guru can help you, if he really sees regret and that you are ready to improve. He can thereafter give you directions to uplift you from there. (He will not lift the baby, and put him at a point where his destination is)

If you just not give out the truth, then you will not be communicating your true feelings, and so the guru will not be able to bring you out of the pit. You'll helplessly keep paddling in the pit indefinitely. 
You will get important messages in-between the lines, of what he talks to you or generally. Take those messages seriously. 
Your Guru has powers and he has attained a state in spirituality. So there is a lot of energy going around him. When he says something, its not him its actually the universe peeping through him. And trying to tell you something. So follow that message, if it really strikes a cord with you.

[Under certain psychological disorders, and mental disorders there might be a condition where you might get negative, self-destructive or suicidal thoughts or messages. Don't follow any messages that bring fear and terror. Messages from Guru are never negative & life-threatening. They are from the Spirits. Spirit energy can bring fear and uncertainty, as wandering spirits are generally fearful and uncertain as to when their soul would get chance to go back to heaven or home or another life so that they can complete their journey.]
Love your Guru, and express it verbally or in prayers. 
This is not for your Guru. Its for the divine that's talking to you through him. Guru actually will not want to be treated like that, neither he expects as he's liberated and doesn't expect anything from you. Yet you are not liberated, and so inorder to make your faith and relationship stronger you need to build that bond.
If you have restrictions according to your beliefs, or societal beliefs of the materialistic world then you may express your Love & Gratitude in your prayers.

Your guru will not accompany in your materialistic life. 
He's here to help you get totally free of all ties to Maya. And so he will not get into any kind of maya with you. 
At times when you see that your Guru's energy has immensely helped you, you would feel like making him a part of your materialistic world totally or occasionally. But your guru cannot and will not accompany you there.
He does not hold hand of a student, so that he can have a glimpse of your world. He has held your hand, to help you step up and have a glimpse of the universe. He isn't going to get impressed by the pomp and luxuries that you have to offer to him or just show-off to him. 

Never Lie to your Guru.
Your Guru is not going to be depleted of anything if you lie. But what you talk on front of your guru really matters to you. As it affects you. 
Your Guru has a lot of energy flowing through him, and so that energy can bring your lies into truth. So be careful about what you are talking in front of your guru.
Guru can give directions or techniques or solutions, only when he feels that you need it.
There might be several reasons according to you, to get answers to certain questions right now. And to get deep knowledge right now. But your guru knows when to give you the answers. 
Guru knows innumerable techniques, solutions and directions with which he can help people to solve problems in their lives. But he will give them only when you have worked upon previous solutions. He is not a bank of knowledge that you can keep scraping without using that knowledge. 
He gives only when he knows you're ready for it, and are gonna follow what he says. And when he gives, his solutions are totally reliable and life-saving.
Have you questioned this to God, if saints are so powerful then why don't they all take-away problems of everyone all at once. And bring peace on this planet?
Well every soul is on his own journey, and they with time they learn and rise. Saints cannot take away anybody's problems as they will be then loaded with karma.
Guru can give you limited knowledge, when you ask questions.
Guru will give knowledge only how much is necessary. And when he knows that the student is ready to explore the spiritual world on his own. He will abstain from giving any solutions or answers ready-made on platter. He will also stop approving messages that you are getting, whether they are real or not or can be trusted or not. 
Also he will not explain you what your spiritual messages mean. He will leave it upto you to understand. In short guru is not someone whose hand you are going to hold for entire lifetime and get unlimited directions and support. 
When the student is disillusioned and clueless the guru will take you by hand and lead you to your life's path. Once he sees you are able to communicate with spiritual world with ease, he will stop guiding you any further until he feels you need it.
Guru knows when to take his hand away. Everybody is alone on their spiritual journey, and so will your guru also not accompany you everywhere!

Guru is like God

This is a controversial statement you might read. As it might immediately instill a fear or insecurity inside your mind. But yes Guru is like God. And he deserves to be respected like him. 
Not that your guru wants that kind of attention and worship, but initially he's the one who's connected to the infinite. When you express your Love & Devotion towards your Guru, the divine sees it through his eyes. And the more true you are, the more divine & pure your Guru's energy will get towards you. 
Guru is connected to God and so he can open the doors of divine to you. So initially you'll feel he's the only God. And he's the most powerful being and the most kind and generous being on this planet. (reading this might make you aware about the several accounts of people around you, praising endlessly about their guru's)
But you're not supposed to dwell in this realization. Feeling God in your guru is momentary, and will not last forever. One good thing to do at this point is to work towards your spiritual practices. Spiritual evolution is crazy quick at this phase.
To realize that your Guru has reached self-realization and enlightenment, is not your goal of spiritual journey. You are not born to worship your guru, or to spread his name and fame. You are born to uplift your self. And free yourself from Maya

                                   Guru knows the right time to answer your questions. 
If you are going to your Guru just to shoot vague questions, to test him whether he knows answers of difficult questions. Then you'll not get what you want. Or whether you genuinely have curiosity to get answers to your questions. But your Guru is not Google. He is not there with you so that you can get answers to all your questions, whenever you need. Trust me, you don't get guru for that mere reason.
Yes your Guru can access the spiritual realms to know answers to problems of the world. But there's a limitation to what any Guru gives out. 
Guru has not come into your life so that he can answer all your questions, he's here so that you can find your own answers.
Important knowledge from the universe can be downloaded into the planet only when its going to be implemented. And it always gets implemented at the right time. And so if time is not right the knowledge is not shared. And when is the right time? when you are ready!! Cha-ching... 

Your Guru is not going to get affected, if you don't follow his guidance.
It doesn't make any difference to the guru whether you are following his instructions or not. But it makes a huge difference to you, when you don't  follow his guidance. 
When guru attaches his energies, there's a sort of countdown that begins from that time. And if you don't follow the guidance you are surely  going to hit plateau at a certain time. That would be the time when you'll relaize that you need to follow his teachings. 
When you are Ready, only then go to the guru. Once you go to the guru, follow his teachings.
One thing I have realized. Even if you don't follow his guidance, he will make you follow his guidance by hook or by universe's grace!

Guru will not lessen, or take away your suffering.
There have been stories in past that may narrate a fact that after coming of a particular guru into an individual's life, all their suffering went away.
Guru has cleared all his positive and negative karmas. And if he takes away your suffering, it will create karma for himself. When you have suffering it means that you need to bear it to pay it and clear it off and suffering also means you are here to learn something out of it. 
Guru is your guiding light in this universe, so how will he 'take away' something that's going to help you evolve?
Yes at times if any guru feels you're not able to bear the suffering, then some guru's do prefer to take a bit of load away from you. When you are strong enough, they'll again give it back to you. He will not pay it for you. :D He can never do that. 
At times a Guru will just give you wisdom enough to make you strong to lift that load by yourself. 
Never Curse your guru.
A Guru as I told earlier has immense energy. He is connected to the universe's greatest powers: God. And your Guru is someone who has crossed all the negative and positive karma's and has become nil. He doesn't have any to give neither positive nor negative.
For a curse to take effect on you, you need to have negative karmic baggage. Guru doesn't have any.
And so this itself makes an energy field around him, or aura that's invincible. If you curse him, the curse will immediately return to the sender.
according to "action and reaction are equal and opposite", the karma will strike back with the same disgusting & brute feeling you had sent it. And will feel devastating. 

Your Guru is not here to show you magic tricks!
Guru is connected to the divine, and so has lots of siddhi's and powers. Some people have more some people may not choose to have siddhi's or powers according to their life's purpose. 
But if you choose some extraordinary guru, then you shouldn't expect him to "show-off" those powers. Siddhi's are not for demonstration purpose, they are meant to help mankind. And a true siddha might never explicitly show his powers, but he will neither hide them in case of dire circumstances.
So that's all from me for now, this was all regarding this topic. Do you have any questions about this? or you feel some points need to be added, then please write them in comments below.
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