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Monday, 28 September 2015

Prayer Power

Do you think that your Prayer's are being neglected?
Do you doubt that God would even listen to your prayers?
Do you feel you need some magical support faculty, that will always help you for Free?

Prayers are a powerful tool. Religions are many, but prayer's stand out, and be one common method in all of them. Prayer Power is a 3 month course that's Free. You will have 1 pdf lesson(e book) each month. and you will need to follow it.
Its free for all. Its not based on any religion. And its open to you, IF you are ready to participate in it.

Rules for participation.
- You need to read the lesson, and follow the given assignments daily. Which take 5-10mins.
- You need to pledge, that you will follow that for a lifetime.

Also Note - This lesson is for free, and not any other service. and discussion only related to this course should be done in this group. 

So if you are ready, then join this link below to go to that group. You will have to fill your name and email and then as soon as you confirm, you will be able to join the facebook group and download your lesson.

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