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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kundalini Trigger's

What Trigger's Kundalini?

There are several instances that can trigger kundalini. And different one's for different people. Yes the one destination remains the same. Yet we all have different life paths according to Karmas we need to perform. Our spending of past karmas, as well as our life's purpose. So kundalini paths will also be different and also the pace at which your chakras open will also be dependent on these factors. Kundalini triggers vary and they are not always perfect for everyone. For someone one can affect deeply, while it may lightly affect the other.

Intentional ways to trigger kundalini -

When you have a clear intention to awaken your kundalini, you are actually lucky. You are lucky that you are consciously choosing to evolve. Yes upto a certain extent there are certain external forces or events that lead you to make this decision. But still its always good to make a conscious choice. There are several ways you can awaken your kundalini. I have already written a post about it here.

Its when you consciously do exercises & practices that lead to awakening of kundalini. Be it pranayam(breathing exercises), Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Shaktipat, Mantra Diksha, Meditation etc. All these lead to kundalini awakening symptoms when done without any guidance. But when you have proper guidance you can have a proper awakening with practice.

I must include here that practice is every important in any kind of kundalini awakening exercise. There are very few lucky people like 1 in every thousands who get a quick & easy kundalini awakening. These souls are usually very evolved and carry their kundalini awakening progress from previous births.

Un-intentional ways to trigger kundalini -

There are several un-intentional ways that also lead to kundalini awakening. This path is usually called "pushing into kundalini" by me. As when you don't know but if its the right time, then universe will push you into kundalini awakening path. Like somewhat what happened with me.

1) Physical injury near the tailbone area -
tailbone kundalini triggers
This can be a sharp blow on the tailbone area, due to some accident or injury. And a blow on the tailbone area itself can trigger kundalini as that's the place where it resides.

2) Psychadelic Drugs - Though this method can prove dangerous unless you know the right proportions to consume them, this method can also awaken the kundalini. (I have no idea about this, Im just writing based on what I have read.) If you fail to consume the right amounts there might be terrible imbalances. As these drugs can hyperactively open channels and then you dont know how to handle the energy and direct it.

3) Emotional Trauma/ Stress -
emotional trauma
Severe Emotional & distress can also trigger kundalini. As when the emotions are out of control and an individual finds it difficult to handle it. Its then that the mighty force within comes to rescue that individual by awakening and directing the emotions to get handled accordingly.

4) Sex -
intense sex can activate kundalini
Very intense & intimate love-making can also awaken kundalini. If you have been in a loving relationship with a partner you are deeply in love with. Then you might have surely experienced a few tingling sensations in your spine. This can happen during physical touch & lovemaking. And the sensations may continue even after that incident is over. And you might continually feel blissful, and might feel your partner is magical as their presence made you feel so good. But it was actually the kundalini force within you that made you feel that way.

These are a few ways that trigger kundalini. There are yet several other ways.

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