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Saturday, 12 September 2015

How to make your Spiritual Journey easy?

How to make your spiritual journey easy? This is a huge thing that everybody following any kind of spiritual path needs to know. Though most don't try to even think about such thing. As there is this myth that spiritual path is always difficult, and that the more difficult the path is; the more you will rise to higher level. And the more evolved soul are. Well its an excuse people find to justify troubles in their life.

Whereas the truth is all Spiritual paths lead to one destination, i.e. the Divine. Divine is Love & only Love. He does not have anything else then this feeling. So why the heck would he want to make you suffer to achieve Love? Just think.... Well you might say this sounds soo good. But difficulties help us to get stronger. Well people do get strong with difficulties I don't deny that. But there are stronger people who've never faced any odd circumstances. There are people who are extremely successful though they have never seen the worst in life.

So here are these 6 basic things that every aspirant of Spiritual Path must follow, inorder to make their Spiritual Path easy -

1) You don’t need to become an ascetic and cut-off from the materialistic world

First and the most misleading one, you don't have to become an ascetic. Or ascetic -like who gives up all pleasures of life, cuts-off from society and runs into a cave. Yes there are instincts of many saints reaching a high state after doing so. But those are countable few. Whereas there are countless number of people who have tried doing it and failed badly.

Also this might be an option for some if they have a very disturbing family life, or a huge burden of responsibilities. If that's the case then you leaving the familial ties will not spare you.

Best path is the path that's neither of an ascetic nor of a materialistically drenched human. You have to balanced between these two. Well how's that? you need to cut off from the world but not by running away from the world. You just don't have to be a part of it. Just be an observer. And to do that you need two big tools. Unconditional Love & Non-judgementalism.

2) God is Love, joy and happiness. Suffering, pain is illusion. You cannot reach the truth following the path of illusion.

The next big myth is that you might believe that giving suffering and pain to the body by practicing intense penances. Ancient spiritual texts describe a lot about these. The greatest people in history who are part of ancient mythology are said to have practiced intense penance. They say that these great personalities achieve their high powers and siddhi's only after they pay penance and come out as a success from that.

The truth is there are countless number of other people too who did the same but never achieved anything. And so they weren't mentioned in any spiritual texts.

Solution for this is - You need not obsess over things that you love about. As Love never binds you. It sets you free. So if there are people, situations or things that you totally love that you just can't get enough of and that you can't let them go. Then remember there is more then Love in that.

3) Ego-less-ness – Don’t let your ego get in the way. Ego will make you doubt in your Guru as well as his teachings. Ego and Love both are different. The quickest way is to choose path of Love.

Ego your biggest enemy and you biggest stumbling block in your spiritual path. It will make you doubt spiritual teachings, spiritual teacher's, it will make you doubt in ingenuity of ancient texts or religious texts. And just about everything that makes you evolve on your spiritual path. Why? Guess....

LOL its because the ultimate goal of spirituality is to be one with the Divine. And when that happens the lower self i.e. the ego dies and only God's consciousness becomes your ultimate reality. And that would mean Mr. Ego will need to die if you attain success on your spiritual path.

So that jerk will do, plan several ways, conspiracies and stumbling blocks inorder to mis-lead you from the spiritual path you have chosen. This includes making your mind jump from one teaching/ method to another thinking the former didn't work so there's better available if you search for it.

Solution - Listen to your heart rather then the fearful thoughts that pop in your mind. Follow the messages that come out of you in a loving way. As Love is the language of the heart and heart is the seat of the soul You soul very well knows what your spiritual path is. Doing this will still put you on dual roads as many times ego will try to speak differently to confuse you and make you follow what it wants you to do. But remember any thoughts of greatness/ shallowness all come from ego. And the heart speaks only about things you Love.

4) Keep your Spiritual resources/belongings separate.
You came alone and will go alone. So on your path of spirituality too you are alone. So don’t share your spiritual texts, rosary and any other things that you might use as daily part of your spiritual rituals.

This is huge and most people don't know. I have seen families sharing a single spiritual text(bible, geeta or koran), also rosaries. These things are not meant to be shared, let alone to be touched.

Also spiritual texts say they have great power, and people just touching them can improve their lives. But that happens with a spiritual text that's been read & followed by someone. Which will make that kind of energy run through their body while reading. Resulting into the spiritual text also absorbing some of the energy.

Spiritual Texts are useless piece of trash if they are just kept in altar. Without you reading them and following what's written in those texts those texts are mere books or paper that's just dumped in a corner. I know you might feel as if Im abusing your spiritual books. But no spiritual books are worth respect if you aren't them. A spiritual book becomes respectable when you begin to read and follow its guidance. Big one right!! yes....

5) Turn into a vegetarian. Karma exists
. And there is more karma in killing animals then in killing plants. Plants cannot express pain, though they feel it. But animals can and to forceibly kill animals creates great karma.

Vegetarian diet is a far more easier for your body to digest, which saves a lot of energy for your body to use on your spiritual path. Also vegetarian diet has a lot of vegetable energy. Now what does that mean, plants have energy they are living. Yet they are not animated so they dont have a mind. And so their energy does not affect your day to day activities. They are harmless.

Whereas animals have a mind by which they can decide where they want to go for hunting, shelter etc. And so their mind energy gets into your system when you consume meat based diet. Meat based diet eaters have indecisiveness, confused between options, anger etc dominating feelings. They just cannot control these feelings, why? ofcourse because its not their energy. Its someone else's.

Surely you might frown at this theory as you might have not come across any such stuff. But I have learned this from my own experience of following spiritual path since all these years.

Try to exclude all animal products including meat, fish, eggs, dairy in your diet. There is no bigger obstacle in your spiritual path then animal products.

6) Stop controlling people, situations, things that can’t be in control
Let go and Let God. Everything happens for good. For the new and positive to come in, the old and negative should be gone.

When you are on spiritual path you need to make this one point very clear. You don't have to control anybody. Don't control people's decisions, their choices etc. Because everybody over here has come to live a life. And by living I mean to become successful and fail in whatever they do. And if you are trying to influence somebody's choices or decisions then you are blocking their learning path. By learning from good and bad choices a person evolves spiritually.

But if you don't allow others to learn by making mistakes, just fearing they might get hurt or fail, then you are blocking their spiritual progress and you are also blocking your life's progress in return. Karma fights back! Isn't it?!

So if you see your friends, loved one's, your partner doing blunder's that you know will knock them off, or hurt them, give them a solid loss in their life/work then please stop worrying and start giving positive vibes. Your worry vibes will worsen the situation. Just be ready with a mindset that when they come back to you expressing their failure, you will totally support and care for them. As that's what Love is right? to care for whom you Love without judging them.

Also you can silently send prayers for your loved one's whom you feel are on the wrong path, so that God can make them strong to accept their mistakes once they realize them.

:) So that's it from me for now. If you feel there's more to add to this list, do drop in your points in comments below. Thank you for dropping by, see you next week.

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