Kundalini Shaktipat : What is the reason behind feeling vibrations in the body?
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Monday, 2 March 2015

What is the reason behind feeling vibrations in the body?

While the kundalini awakening journey there are the vibrations that can be mild, normal or enormous. These vibrations are felt during meditation, sleep or any resting period whenever you might be a little still and might have sat to take a breath. Vibrations might be soothing to turbulent. The vibrations whatever they are felt they are felt due to a reason. They are felt because there is a certain blockage in that part of body, if the whole body vibrates then there might be many blockages throughout the body.

What are vibrations?

Kundalini awakens and the first things it will do is to travel along your body. Not just travel but to reach into each and every cell of your body, each and every capillary of your body. When there is any hindrance there will be pressure felt at that place which can be felt like a vibration. This pressure is because kundalini awakens and its quite a strong force. When the body has these kind of blocks the kundalini flow in a particular part of the body is restricted and so the body vibrates. The finest of the body nerves are the capillaries and so they tend to get blocked, if there is not much movement or exercise given to that part of the body.

Is your experience with kundalini awakening incomplete if you dont feel vibrations?

NO, kundalini awakening experience can be very mild to actually nothing sensed on physical level to very highly turbulent vibrations and other psychosis symptoms. When kundalini is blocked by mental, emotional or physical blocks then kundalini’s flow is restricted.

When body has very less blocks then there are little to no vibrations felt on physical part of the body.

On the other hand the experience is surely registered on emotional and mental level as these are more subtler part of the energy body. If you did not have any physical experience then surely you will have a profound emotional or mental or spiritual experience.

Does the body get harmed if the body vibrates very rigourously?

The kundalini vibrations can become very turbulent and vigorous these vibrations happen inorder to balance the energies inside those part of the body. Sometimes the vibrations become so strong that it bangs the body against something hard. At these times the seer will feel as if you are under great pain or something is bothering you. But the vibrations actually are felt relieving onto the person who is feeling this.

I have seen body vibrating so badly that it was literally banging the body. But that person was totally sound when he woke up. And that similar rigorous things didnt happen with me. So its not compulsory that everybody has to feel vibes in their body.

I just lately discovered that not everyone feel vibrations in their body while their kundalini awakens.

Can kundalini awakening experience be felt just subtly?

Yes, this is true. I have lately discovered this. I thought to have very vigorous vibrations was the only way the kundalini awakening could be sensed. But that’s not true for all. I have discovered people totally peaceful during meditation also have awakening experience.

There are several people all over the world whose kundalini can be awakened without anybody’s help, sometimes they dont even know what to call that experience. But the have a heightened state of awareness and a better and elevated sense of wisdom.

This is all from me today, I will be back with more informational stuff next week. If you have anything more to add to this above matter, you can do so in comments below. If you need to get info on a particular topic related to kundalini, or you want me to post an article that’s related to kundalini do write to me at priti@nirvana-now.in

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