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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to deal with Kundalini Psychosis?

For Participating in Kundalini Shaktipat, a strict discipline and a strict routine has to be followed. If you cannot do it, then nobody can help you awaken your kundalini! And all discipline's and routine is to be followed without any expectations, as nobody can say when the kundalini would awaken and would complete all 7 chakra opening.
Kundalini Psychosis is the unexpected unnecessary behavior that people get during their process of awakening of their kundalini. This shift in the behaviour might point to blocked or clogged emotions / energythat are now seeming to get an outlet. Or it might also be a mental block which is caused by beliefs or thoughts that need revision or discarding.
If you are a shy person and always wanted to be outgoing, loud and rowdy this might start showing up when that emotional block is tapped.
There are several blocks like this in your system. And each can either get released gracefully or cause a hullaboo in your life, or in the life of people who surround you.
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Kundalini Psychosis is not something to get freaked out -
Kundalini Phychosis I guess happens with 98% of people wanting to awaken their kundalini. To what degree it happens depends on the amount of blockages in your body, as well as voids in your system.
Voids in energy body, is caused by the urge to not feel or remember certain incidents or memories. And these are such memories that have hurt you the most and so charge around them is the most. The bigger the hurt the greater is the hurt energy, and that big will be the size of void in your system.

Kundalini Psychosis can be visible or invisible-
Not all kundalini psychosis will be visible. Some of it might even go unnoticed. I mean most of it about 40 -50 % of it will go unnoticed. And so you might be even wondering what this term means at first place.
Kundalini Psychosis is loud and clear when there is any unnecessary bondage or maya that needs to be cut off or sorted out. Now its totally upto you whether you cut off the ties of Maya just energetically or materialistically with people.
There are cases of people breaking up with their partner's during Kundalini Awakening, is common. Its not something that is a 'side-effect' of spirituality or being swept away by spiritual world. Its just that sometimes kundalini awakening takes you to different level, and a different awareness and you dont find your partner at the same space. And so no connection is felt. To split up temporarily or permanently is totally your choice.

You can do it lovingly -
When you are taken away by the Kundalini drive and you feel like making the huge changes, you can always be nice to yourself. If you be good to yourself, you will be good to everyone. And if you dont take care of yourself, you wont please anyone.
So try to be as loving towards yourself as possible. You will find yourself doing stupid things, desiring insane things, being totally different person to what you were before awakening for which you might get many frowns. But just love yourself, its just a process that is happening. Its you, and its happening because of the divine shaking up and waking inside you.
So take it easy, and let it move. Be good to yourself.
If the events, emotional drama increases make sure you don't harm yourself by substances that are not good for your body.
Alcohol and addictions are an easy way to slip into, during this time. But remember this is happening because a block has bubbled up. If you try to soothe it down with alcohol or intoxication's the block isn't going to heal. It will resurface again, next time you try to awaken your kundalini.
And if due to fear of your kundalini psychosis, you totally leave your K journey for this birth, then it will surface up in your next birth. Its coz of your Karmic suffering or payback that you might need to go through such phase. Or it might be a learning, that will help you later on in life. So running away isn't going to help.
Practicing Affirmation might surely help. I would recommend Louise Hay's Self-Esteem affirmations. She's a master at how to lovingly remove the unwanted mental and emotional garbage from your inner self. Also try reading You can heal your Life by Louise Hay. Its a gem. If you have any other book which you feel would help better, then read that. Books will help you during this time, if you don't have any expert closeby.

And above all, leave it to God - 
All blockages in you were unknowingly added in your system, and whatever we say about 'us being in control of our lives'. Its a saying that there is nothing in this cosmos that happens without the consent of God. And so in a way all that bad happened to you, is because of some plan of the divine.
And so when you cant understand any bit of it, and don't know what to do about it. Then just pray to Him and leave it to God.
God knows how to solve all the puzzles that he created. It might sound impossible for you, as you didnt create it. But the issue somewhere was woven inside your system with God's consent, and so he will surely know the solution to it.

So have fun along your way on your kundalini journey. Hope you liked this post, and it was helpful to you in some way.
If you would like to ask any questions about this, or add something to this.... Please do so by commenting below.

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So till then, Chao... Take Care of yourself, you are amazing the way you are.

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