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Monday, 16 February 2015

Shouldn’t Spiritual Services be Free of cost?

Shouldn’t Spiritual Services be Free of cost?

Spiritual World is free, so why do you need to pay for Spiritual Services.

Lately there has been a huge rush of experts of Spirituality that do a lot of amazing things. There are Healers, Fortune Tellers, mind readers, energy experts, people who teach all this amazing stuff. The big stumbling block that does come in the way between you and these amazing things is “Money”. These people do quite a lot of things, they have special abilities like clairvoyance, psychic powers etc which they say its a God’s gift to them. And there comes a halt at the speed with which you were dreaming about having a healing, session, Q/A, or learning all that these people know. As money might be the biggest stumbling block when it comes to learning.

I know the feeling as I had experienced it myself too. And I know how ugly it is. Its like you are falling into a pit right from the heights of the sky. Years back I was also slowly getting more and more interested into spiritual stuff and with the amount of goals I had in my life, only sky was the limit. Which later on I learned, is not the only limit. I slowly figured out that these people who were spiritual also charged money. And all I thought was, “this stuff is God’s gift right! So why do I need to pay for it. You didn’t go to any university to learn it”. A lot of plans came to a halt, because of the limitation of money. And it was not normal charge, it was quite a huge chunk. Which was difficult for me to extract from my pocket, just when these workshops popped up. So do you think, when now I am doing the same, I mean charging same amount; I am trying to avenge myself for what happened to me in past? LOL

Well absolutely not! After I slowly began learning all the spiritual stuff, one day I decided that I was up. All the cheaters and scammers who just want money in the name of spirituality have their karma pot full. Because now Im gonna splash the market with this awesome stuff that Ive got, and make all people- like me who might be in need; get all the services freely or at reasonable rates.
So where do I start from? I had my friends and relatives who knew I did pretty good readings. And so they were my first clients. They started pouring in. And soon I was busier then a professional Tarot reader. I did this way for sometime and something strange happened. Most of the people who took readings from me, hardly improved in their problem area. I was very much confused that what was happening. If I’m getting feedback about readings being perfectly correct, then why their life wasn’t improving?

I then tried to get in touch with few Tarot professionals who told me to stop giving “Free” readings. I couldn’t actually understand the real reason behind it. LOL I didn’t follow their advice, you know why? Because it was for free! Volla. Hahahaha....

Well then I actually took a few courses for becoming a Professional tarot reader. And the first thing I was taught there was “not to give anything for free”

Human tendency of Laziness, and not working on self- improvement -

Its human tendency to not work towards betterment of the self and health unless you have paid for the advice. Do you remember how much advice you get from your elders or friends? Its all correct, but! You still dont follow it. Do you know why, because its for FREE. Remember getting free passes for shows or programs? Have you ever used them? If yes, did you actually enjoy that? Or did you enjoy a program for which you paid a huge fee?

I know the answer, you enjoyed the one you paid for.

Its because of our psychology. We tend to have Value for the things that we have paid for. And the things that we get as gifts or presents or a discount sale doesn’t end up on our fav list. Did you ever wear anything on your important days like bday or marriage, that somebody donated to you? Well its a NO. Perhaps you chose to wear something that was your favorite and might be quite expensive too. Maybe even a limited edition, which are far more expensive then actual product value.

But this is not the only reason why Spiritual services are charged for!

For everything given to you, something should be given in return. Otherwise it creates Karma.

Well. Now you might feel, oh common; so what? Does this crap really exist?! But spiritual people are more aware and more advanced into the spiritual world and know very well what this means. And so every one of them follows this rule very strictly.

Karmas are the deeds you do. When you do good you get something in return for it, whether in this birth or future births. Now if you dont believe in past and future lives doesn’t mean that the Law of Karma doesnt exist. Have you seen people with terrible disabilities, who totally depend for help with food, clothing and other things from passers by who help them? Well such people have such karmic baggage. They helped people unconditionally without getting something in return, which makes them eligible for getting help from those same people. And the one’s who give also wont shudder a bit. They too know deep inside that its their duty to help such person.

Ive also known about a lady who was a terrible social helper. She used to unconditionally help people, even though she was left with no money herself. She never took any kind of help, neither money from people. And later on in her old age she suffered a health issue where she could not do anything on her own. She was to be fed, clothed and helped for each and every thing. I have known many cases like this as hypnosis can tell you everything about the how’s and why’s of any person. I also know some people who are wonderful healers and they just cannot charge money. Though their own family gets broke and there’s no food for their own children. They know this is due to not charging money, and yet they just cannot make up their mind to atleast put a small fees for their healing services. This happens due to healer’s oath. In olden times healers were supposed to take oaths of poverty and chastity. No wonder today why so many healers are not able to find partner’s for themselves. Just because they took some oath, which still remains in their energy system.

Now if you are thinking about some spiritual master who does it for free, here’s the reason why. Its because they have such karma that they have to give unconditionally to people in their current lifetime, just because they had taken away a lot from people in their past lifetimes. These people can be kings who sometimes were tyrant or brute towards their people. And took away their belongings by force.

Why spiritual masters gave for free in past? And why its not been practised in the present?

Another reason...

In past there used to be very small amount of masters who usually led life of ascetics. They used to live in forests and their students were the one who collected food/ clothing etc stuff; as an offering of help in exchange of spiritual knowledge of the vedas/ spiritual texts. And apart from this help they also offered guru dakshina that too was decided by the guru, and sometimes by the student themselves. This Guru dakshina used to be things of their requirement. And so when they had this ready supply of materialistic resources they could have enough time to give their energy and knowledge to people for free.

Now a days this culture has stopped. Not at all stopped as we do see certain saints in white or orange wandering down the road sometimes. But that’s not a pretty site for all. Would you trust them? I know there are many people who have total distrust in them. Many reasons for that including hypnotizing and mesmerizing and stealing away valuables and money. And many other type of frauds.

So people like you and me trust people who are more like us. People who wear normal clothes like us and talk in language like we talk. Have a house or office that can be reached to if you have any problem or questions. You would rather prefer someone Normal and down to earth, who is just like you; after knowing this learning or guidance taking is easy and digestible for you. I know this, as I too am just like you. I also try to look into people before buying from them.

So where does the money charging need come for normal people?

Money charging scheme comes right along with choosing of normal people. People like us are pretty much normal and have pretty much the same monetary requirements. And along with that professional costs are also involved. Like if you are getting this knowledge that you have been appreciating getting every week- needs a computer, internet, email service, experts help behind technical stuff, website costs, website designing costs, helpline costs(I had one in past).... And I bet it doesnt stop. The list is never ending. It takes a great amount of equipments/ technology and expertise to to get a final product that appeals people like you. Otherwise cheap websites, cheap stuff dont even deliver promise of keeping the website up when people want to read it the most. I know LOL as I did try to fetch the cheapest one in the beginning. And that full year was a painful nightmare professionally.

Also you might have found me online or offline? How? Well only a handful people knew me through mouth to mouth communication. As people have this myth to let it grow that way. But that’s a silly way to depend. If I wanted to reach out to many I had to put my foot down in advertising and marketing.

Yet I know I havent marketed much as I feel spiritual stuff doesn’t need much marketing. But still I do need to spend quite amount of money. And living in this world isn’t for free. I still need to have food, and other things for day to day requirements which you know are not free. Also living in world like today’s where things are getting more and more expensive; just charitable services cannot be afforded.

If I am teaching people how to get abundance I need to embrace an abundant life myself first. And yes if you get a pinch inside while reading this ‘abundance’ or ‘richness’ you surely have some issues with money.

People who have taken oaths for shunning abundant lifestyles are many. You might be one of them. I know how much I had to work on that to remove that belief from my mind.

So why not a charitable charge around my services?

Very good question. Perhaps I too know this as I thought the same when I went out to learn all this.

When I used to do readings & other courses very reasonable I had the issue, that the money earned was only fulfilling my daily requirements. And my dreams my life purpose remained undernourished. Well my life purpose is to awaken Kundalini of each and every human on this earth. And for this I know I will have to do a lot of things. And maybe I thought I can choose to give shaktipat for free to people under poverty line. But just recently I discovered that beggers in India that people usually believe are the most poor, earn atleast 1000/- bucks per day! Can you imagine. And that’s not the average salary of an engineer who has begun working. So I dropped the idea of doing for free.

Instead I will be collecting money and doing something for stray animals in future. As they cannot earn money for themselves, and not have enough food or safety.

So now if you feel I am cheating, I am creating an offense, I am not a genuine person, I am insulting kundalini, I am doing an offense to spirituality well then you may do it. I know why I am charging fees for it, and how I will be giving out to this world in a way I choose.

Finger’s will be pointed to people who do good. After all the best people in history are the ones who were criticized the most.

And the day you realize that there’s nothing wrong in charging for spiritual services, just drop in a small msg to me. You’ll be replied with a smiley! :)
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