Kundalini Shaktipat : Is the Divine Lovers’ Union, stopping you from getting Love in your Life?
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Monday, 9 February 2015

Is the Divine Lovers’ Union, stopping you from getting Love in your Life?

Life Partners

Have you been longing to be in a loving and romantic relationship or wanting to get committed and due to some or the other reasons it just keeps getting away or you totally feel repulsive for it; though wanting it from deep within? Kundalini Awakening can be a major reason in this. Your kundalini might be wanting to get awakened. As I have told a zillion times on my site, kundalini is the mightiest force that governs our life, so this force can surely be one of the reason that’s blocking your love life; ahem and I must say Blocking for your good. There is a lot running into our lives or blocking our lives because of our progress of kundalini is blocked or not begun at all. And due to the shift of the planet’s awareness into the Aquarius age, the collective human consciousness is being forced into the new awareness. So either today or tomorrow you will have to compulsarily work for your higher evolution.
                                           Divine Lovers Union
Kundalini is the Divine feminine energy that’s inside us and once it is awakened it moves straight up your spine or it urges to move upward. Do you know why? Well, in search of HER soulmate. The Shiva that resides at the 3rd Eye Chakra between our two brows. When kundalini reaches the third eye chakra, there is knowledge of the entire universe gained by that person. And this union also sometimes(I think most of the times) bestows one with special powers or siddhi’s which one can use for the wellness of the universe.

Now you might be thinking where the hell is the whole connection between these two totally different topics. There is a connection! As we say nothing in this universe is anything else then God’s energy. So in the same way our lives’ materialistic matters as well as spiritual matters are closely connected. Actually your materialistic life is connected to spiritual life. The more you are from the inside, that much you can BE on the outside. Its totally true, all big personalities that we’ve seen who keep climbing success ladder and seldom have a fall are surely very very connected to their inner beings and have quite higher values and ethics for living and working. Riches & Happiness just are not given away to anybody who don’t deserve them.
                                 The world we love
Today’s world is going towards a world that everybody has been praying ‘to live in’ since past many centuries. A World where there is more of goodness, honesty-truth-innocence are values that will be highly valued and celebrated, people will stop cheating and will be honest in whatever they do, there will be no impostors-hatred-fakeness and that all this people would do out of love. God-liness inside every soul will be honoured rather then just bragging over God’s in temples. Also people will be able to always choose their life purpose as their career’s, so that they dont have to bear bitter fruit of failure of being in the wrong train, or indefinitely getting caught in some job that they daily curse or hate to be at.
                                Angel announcing change
So what do you think will there be a huge angel who will appear that will blow a huge flute that will signal, “enough now people, start acting as good people as good time begins”? well NO. That special world is already emerging and the divine that we are longing to see to give us directions has already begun getting more active WITHIN US and more overpowering then the weak false values that people have been cluelessly following since past many ages that had made humans endlessly waste the infinite potential that being in a Human body brings.
This Divine that has become active in you, me and everyone around us is nothing but the Shakti, your Kundalini. The powerful force that’s making you feel shivers or tingles in your body right now. If you feel it right now, know that you are not reading this just to pass your time. You have been directed here because the right time for your kundalini awakening has come. And yes its not that this is written to promote the Kundalini Shaktipat on this site. It means your kundalini is awaiting an initiation right now, through the Guru that it chooses for you or will be choosing through you in future. Your Kundalini is waiting for an awakening and to meeting its soulmate Shiva and this union will convert you into a higher being(nothing dramatic or filmsy, but a higher being from within; and maybe from without too if you are lucky to acquire some siddhi’s)

Sometimes the Divine will not let you choose or adjust, just to compromise your situation- which you are not striving to change at present. Your life might be stuck and you might be in a phase where you are not wanting to ‘be’ anymore and desire to be much better, have much better, get whatever you want, be where you wish etc without any limitations from finances, people or geographic locations. But to make the change, might be a huge feat for you; as you dont know whether the change would be successful or unsuccessful for you. And just because of this fear you might be compromising to stay with your sticky problems and act as if you have learned to be happy with them. Atleast do that to make others around you feel that way, ignoring the inner screams for change that the soul is making regularly.

Well reading such kind of post on a Kundalini blog freaks people out, as many tell me they dont want to leave their family nor they want to become ascetics. And I have to give a big LOL, as kundalini awakening and the complete awakening(opening all 7 chakras) are not meant for just ascetics. As kundalini awakening is for people in ‘sansaar’ means a materialistic world that we live in.

[I totally relate to you, that reading such words ‘saansari’ etc might be a huge put down for you. As you might not be wanting to get into any spiritual stuff or heavily loaded saintly language.]

Kundalini awakening brings to us the peace of mind that’s extremely essential in today’s world, brings you everything that you need to fulfill your life purpose, and also fulfills all your true desires. So if you desire to have a partner then your kundalini awakening might help you to get a better one after you awaken it rather then what you might choose in a non-awakened state.

With the evolving world, you too are supposed to evolve. And if you decide to stay stuck, the universe knows to give you a gentle or harsh kick. So rather then being kicked to ‘be awakened’ for your good you can always try to actively begin to work for your kundalini awakening.

Being fully awakened will sometimes make you aware of the real self that you are. We all are born in this world as a fragment of God’s soul in our bodies. That’s the same, yet we all are made a bit different so that we can do that one special thing in this world that God wants to breath out through us. And this happens only when you truly know yourself. When you are totally free from all limiting beliefs and thoughts. This can happen when you are fully awakened.

So we can put it this way that you knowing yourself and opening to your real powers can actually bring you to a better place/ situation / people. As we all know the famous saying a frog living in a well can only think upto the confines of the well. His thinking will be limited only till the well. He would feel the Well is the only biggest world. Whereas you and me know it is not. So better prepare yourself for your awakening, as getting out of the well is only the beginning to explore the wonderful world that God has placed us in!

pic courtesy - couple by photostock, world by master isolated images, angel by farconville all from www.freedigitalphotos.net
pic of shiva-shakti from google, will be happy to accredit please contact me. 

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