Kundalini Shaktipat : Why does Kundalini Awakening happen to people?
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why does Kundalini Awakening happen to people?

Kundalini Awakening ans stories about its activation and awakening fascinate people from all over the world and they try to do it for themselves getting totally different and surprising experiences then what they heard.

Why does kundalini awaken at all? a question that bugs some people who sometimes go through the psychosis process or just turbulent awakening without knowledge. Kundalini awakens always at the right time. It never happens at wrong time or accidentally. Everything's planned.
There are karmas that are clogged into the body which is linked to the energy system which is responsible for the psychosis and other kundalini related symptoms.
Kundalini psychosis the more you fear the more it gets the heck out of you. Just give your kundalini freedom to move around by surrendering to it completely and it will remove all the blocks that your body has.

A soul is always moving in a path towards the creator while continuous births and deaths on this planet. After each life it is supposed to raise itself to higher level.
The problem with these souls arises when they forget this after being birthed on this earthly plane and walk in tune with the ongoing maya world, and this mayaic world has the illusionary play going on which is totally opposite to what reality is. It always believes in sticking to where you are and being settled in life. Which is never a soul's plan in any lifetime.
A Soul is never going to take anything that it had earned while its settlement in life, it just carries all good and bad deeds.
The ignorance of soul after birth leads to numerous births and deaths upto the extent that its deeds to make its body exist properly on the physical dimension gets over and they really begin to have crisis of it.
This is the time when the veil of maya is lifted and they slowly start seeing the truth! This is when  kundalini awakening knocks into the soul's lifetime just out of the blue.
Almost all kundalini awakened soul's say they got into kundalini awakening without any planning, or kundalini awakened by chance!

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