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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Life & Life Energy

Life is what is happening to you right now while reading this post here on my Blog.
And Life Energy is what makes your life going. It makes you survive, it helps you to breathe, feel hungry so that you can eat, feel sleepy so that you can sleep to give your body rest to maintain your health; all this life energy helps you to do it.
Life energy is solely responsible for making you survive on this planet and nothing else. Your life energy knows what you are born for and so it keeps driving you closer and closer day by day towards your Life's goals.

In today's world the life has become or been accepted as a "Routine" for almost everyone. Hardly anybody tries to do anything different from what the rest of the crowd is doing.
Be born – then go to School – Grow up and get married – Have kids – Then give them education – Get your kids married – Wait for them to have kids.......
Life is just being taken as a production cycle in today's world.

With the Life stagnating situations also there is fear of downfall or failure if somebody takes the different route then this.

And the more the world tries to become more and more "Settled" the more and more problems are arising for people.
Stress, Tension, Depression, psychological problems, physical problems, mental problems, problems with money or resources or family etc. And nobody tries to look into these problems deeper "Why they are happening?"
The goal of every soul is to be born on this planet and achieve a special mission that is unique to every soul. Your soul knows what it has to do and achieve and so it will support your Life energy very stably when you are doing it.
When you aren't doing what you ought to do your Life energy will not "adjust" or "compromise" for you just because your society wants you to do it. Your life energy knows what you have to do, when you don't do it then it ceases to flow the normal way to nourish you and this is where the problems arise.
You start getting a downfall in your life, people go away from your life, relationships spoil.... etc. Because all these were given to you just for you to fulfill your life's purpose. And when you don't do it they are just going to walk away from you.

This post is here to simply give you a wake up call to realize your life purpose and start working for it. Because you do need answer to your problems and this is why you too are reading this post.

More to come on this post next time.....

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