Kundalini Shaktipat : Negative feelings/emotions? How to get rid of them!!
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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Negative feelings/emotions? How to get rid of them!!

Kundalini comes very easily to us when we are pure in our hearts, and purity of heart comes to us when we feel deep inside that we have never done anything wrong.

But this usually is not the case with everyone, very few people on earth might be living with this feeling. As almost all people do wrong some or the other time and then remain disturbed throughout their life just because that memory keeps haunting them; this surely lowers your vibration such that you don't attract the shaktipat energy fully so that it can clean your vibes.
Just imagine you yourself will stop yourself from washing away your sins and stay in a limbo state indefinitely just because you keep feeling guilty.

Guilt feeling is good, it shows to you that you haven't done something right either to yourself or to others around you. But the purpose of guilt feeling or any other negative feeling is not to kill yourself with the negative feeling of that feeling. But it makes you feel worse and feels as if its stuck in your system so that you sort out that issue first.
Any negative feeling that you ever feel is never for your bad. Every negative feeling is actually a gift for us, because it makes you feel that something is wrong happening somewhere in your life.

Every life born on this earth has been given the honor of having the best of experiences while living on this planet. Its just that we are not told this during our childhood. Some of us are told whether others are brought up with belief's that there is lack always in life. This depends on your karma's.

Your negative feelings will stop you and signal you that something is wrong somewhere. Next time whenever you feel something choking down your throat do check what is that talk going around you to which you don't agree.

So just clear these emotions that might be bugging you for long.

After you sort them out you will certainly feel good.

Live joyfully!!

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