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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Your learning for life....

Every man is born on this planet to learn something, when he learns that lesson effectively he passes that examination and moves ahead in his life journey.

What's a life journey?
Life journey is when a soul is born in a body. And when you successfully pass the examination of one lifetime you are promoted to a higher level. Which means you get birth as better human with better qualities and better circumstances, better parents and surroundings, better money etc.
When you fail an exam and leave the planet you are again born with the same situations with more difficulties as a penalty; because you didn't learn your lessons in the previous birth. And then you are expected to learn the lessons along with dealing with the difficulties. Plus you have taken a new body means you will get a new learning for that life too.
What are life's lessons?
Life's lessons are the ones that give you pain the most and make you feel they are totally impossible for you to handle. They are all the negative emotions that break you down against which you need to stand strong.
These emotions can be one or more depending on your life's lessons. All emotions including anger, depression, sadness, jealousy, envy, fears, hatred, etc.
If you cannot deal with it, then know that its one of your life's lesson. And you have to pass it out in this birth itself.

Killing yourself is the answer?
Suicide is not the answer to suffering at any stage of life. Suicide involves huge karma because you are destroying the life that is given by God to fulfill some purpose. So the very next birth you would be paying debt for ending your life too along with other added learning from past births.

How to master your lessons?
To master your learning in life is very simple, first of all you need to know what is your learning in your life. And most of you reading this post might have figured out what your learning is for this life. So here it goes mastering tips for your lessons....

If you hate someone, your learning is to forgive them unconditionally...
If you are jealous of someone, you just need to thank God they have all the things that you love...
If you have tough time forgiving someone, you just need to forgive them unconditionally and forgive yourself too...
If you have fears to conquer, your learning is to bring bravery for every thing that freaks you out...
If you have problems of envy, you need to thank those people because they don't think like you. Ask God to make you accept every being as they are....

Why do we get these emotions, if its not good for us to have them?
Anger, Hatred, Jealousy, Envy, Sadness, Depression, etc are all negative emotions that are themselves very uncomfortable to have in our body.
We feel the most uncomfortable when we have any of these emotions. And according to research its the negative emotions that we want to avoid the most rather then the good feelings that we want to feel.
All these emotions are made for our good, they are never meant to block our progress. These emotions signal you that something wrong is being done or happening with you which you have to set right. So if you don't pay any heed to these emotions they will keep coming back again and again until you completely solve their issue.

  • Anger comes to you when you feel somebody from whom you expected something isn't responding the same way you expect them to do.
  • Hatred comes to you when you develop complete distaste towards people whom you gave very much respect and high position in your heart.
  • Fears come from uncertainty and ignorance. Lack of knowledge or limited knowledge will make you fearful about certain things.
  • Jealousy is the emotion that is alarming you, saying "Look somebody else is getting things/people you are worthy of having"
  • Envy is also almost similar to jealousy. Its like somebody is having things that you can never have.

These emotions hold such strong energy in your system, that they will block your system until you resolve them or do something in order to calm them down.

What is the best way to solve these negative emotions?
Negative emotions that come into your energy system will not leave until you resolve them. The best thing you can do to deal with them is to give them what they want. What in most cases wont be possible, so either replace those things/people with someone more powerful and better or things that are of better qualities.
If you are feeling angry try to figure out why you are feeling angry, and on whom you are feeling angry. If you have those people around you try to tell them how they have hurt you by not fulfilling your expectations. Its totally human experience that most of our expectations are not always fulfilled by others as they too are human.
And if those people are not with you then try to make yourself better in such relationships by specifying very clearly what hurts and what isn't acceptable.

What if things don't work out the way you are expecting?
When things don't work out the way you are expecting then there's surely something still remaining for you to work out so that other things work out.
If you are being devoid of certain things, facilities then the reason you are not getting these things lies within you. I get many clients who complain about not having enough money, or good relationship, sound family life etc. The answer to all of these still remains the same. You are not wanting these things yourself, only then you are not getting them. There is something within you that is blocking you from having these things.

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