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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Kundalini & Astral Communication

Kundalini Shaktipat Mantra Diksha will be available from August 2013. Queries will be answered through e-mail only.Mail your queries to powerbooster@facebook.com, to know your eligibility to participate in this Diksha go to Mantra Diksha page from right side menu.

With an awakened Kundalini, comes several ways by which you can communicate. Not just verbal but telepathic too. As kundalini opens up your communication channels when chakra's are balanced.
Telepathic communication or communicating through mental/emotional body is very good and helps to develop intuitional powers also helps you to understand yourself and this universe better.

But with the powers that kundalini brings there is also a bit of limitation you have to bring. Make sure you don't communicate with spirits or humans in this way. The people who are in physical dimension should be communicated with verbally only. If some people don't communicate with you verbally then they actually don't want to talk to you, and its no use trying to stay in touch with them or convincing them through astral plane. As if people are determined to talk to you then nothing in this world can stop them from doing so. And if something is nagging then its surely something from within themselves too.

Also communication with spirits & spirit guides is also not permissible as they are not any higher beings. They have just died and moved to other plane.

While mental body communication with higher beings is extremely beneficial. When you communicate with higher beings like Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels you develop many qualities-

- First of all you develop a strong faith in higher power, and also a strong faith that it is 'with you'
- their words would be assuring you and guiding you when you are in a difficulty in your life.
- They will always stay connected to you, and keep guiding you in your good and bad times.
- Constant contact with them will help you to stay more and more positive, as wisdom will keep flowing through them to you which will not make you skeptic due to inability to understand certain difficult to understand situations.
- They are not tied up with the physical world and its limitations, so they will always be with you and be truthful to you with what they talk to you in astral plane.

Communication with lower plane beings like humans, spirits or spirit guides is totally not advisable as -

- They are lower level beings, they have not attained any special level; which makes them just 'ordinary' beings with ordinary level thinking. Their upbringing along with yours which may or may not be correct will be transferred via thoughts. At certain times their mentality will baffle you.
- Communication with them will never be motivating always. Also not positive. Also people think a lot but don't speak everything they think. If you start connecting to what people think, you'll open yourself to just shit sometimes.
- Their lower level understanding might affect you mentally too and mental patterns once developed are difficult to erase as they are quite subtle and create concreteness in real world through emotional and physical bodies.
- you will not move to higher levels when you stay connected to some spirit or human mentally; if you stop thinking according to lower level thinking these beings will transfer their thoughts to you.
- Levels of trust may break, if people don't behave in real world the way they communicate to you in astral plane. This may happen because of societal ties. As both are physical beings.

For disconnecting with all beings on astral plane you have to protect yourself.

To know more about learning how to disconnect and protect yourself from such un-safe communication. Please mail me at powerbooster@facebook.com 

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