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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kundalini Shaktipat New course


This session would be a distant session, when sessions are held for old students to repeat with new meditation techniques; session dates will be put up on here....

 Kundlaini Shaktipat curriculum is changing after this month's shaktipat. Practises for physical cleansing and emotional cleansing being so important there are going to be different levels of this course. Raising up on higher livels will be allowed only when you have sufficient practise and mastery over lower group's practises and improvement in your physical and emotional health.


The new entire curriculum will be put soon, till then only first level info is being put for all the new comers who want to participate in the next april shaktipat.

The old students whose kundalini is awakened can directly request a shaktipat at the same fees, but the old students whose kundalini has been only activated and not moved further; its because lack of practises of the ''happy rules'' and you need to contact me to know which level you can request for.

Level 1 - Kundalini Shaktipat Preparatory Level

Pre-requisite - your sincere wish to get kundalini awakened

Fees- Rs. 500/- or $ 15 USD.

Includes a manual(pdf form) for practices to be done on a daily basis.

Duration - Cumpolsory practicing of the exercises given in the manual for at least 21days. And on successful completion of it you will be passing through a test to check whether you did the practice regularly or not. A mild Shaktipat with only 30% energy would be given out which will help you in your practices and help you to activate your kundalini.

The 'mild' word shouldn't be mistaken as this too can awaken your kundalini if your system is clean and you are into spiritual practices since long time, as you will receive more shaktipat energy based on your physical and emotional fitness.

After passing this level you are supposed to continue the practices until a change is given to you. While you are into the second level too you will be doing level 1 exercises.

This course has been brought into compulsion as the practises need to be put into regulation, and only then kundalini can rise as body would be strong to handle its awakening.

Level 2 -

Pre-requisite - Level 1

Includes - e-book for added practises

Cleansing of the system with 40% of shaktipat energy....
Level 2 would be a little higher in shaktipat energy level, the practises given in the level 1 practise course will need to be continued during this level too. And along with it there will be a shaktipat of more intensity then level 1. The total energy would be 30% which will be felt as a more intense shaktipat then the 1st one.
Again the energy level will be felt only by those who are practising regularly their daily practises.
People who have not felt light vibrations during level 1 will not be permitted to participate in this level.
This is just because your practises might be lacking and without discipline in practises you cannot mould your body for kundalini awakening.

Fees - Rs. 500/- or $ 15 USD.

Level 3 -

Pre-requisite - Level 1 & 2

Includes - e-book of practises & meditation

Cleansing of system with 50% of energy. Along with shaktipat with more potency of 35-40% which would depend on your regularity of practising, your wish to get your kundalini awakened and your mindset. The more positive and pure your mind set becomes the more you make yourself appealing for the shaktipat energy to flow amply on you. And not just a positive mindset but the practises as a whole attract the body towards getting kundalini awakened.

Fees - Rs. 500/- or $15 USD

Level 4 -

Pre-requisite - Level 1, 2 & 3

Includes - e-book of practises / guidance that maybe needed at this level on individual basis.

Level 4 is higher kundalini shaktipat energizer, it will carry a kundalini shaktipat of about 60-65% which would be literally felt as high vibrations in your body and system.
Level 4 raises your kundalini from the mooladhara chakra and begins cleaning your system from your chakra level. A higher level of discipline will be given during this shaktipat which will be required to ensure that your system stays balanced during the cleansing process.

Fees - Rs. 650/- or $ 20 USD

Level 5
Pre-requisite - Level 4, and intense spiritual practises. Give yourself a gap of atleast 1 month after level 4.
Intense Shaktipat of energy level 70% will be showered on, during this Shaktipat you will have to compulsorily switch off from all the negativity sources that may affect your mind. Like the tv, or news/papers. The reason is not to make you cut off from the world, but this level of Shaktipat can be very intense and would make you manifest things that you see and listen or do. So it would be best you cut off from these sources while this Shaktipat goes on.
This Shaktipat will raise your Kundalini from your mooladara chakra till Manipura chakra.
Fees Rs. 800 or $25 USD
Time – from morning 5am till 21 days. Shaktipat energies will be taken away on 22nd day morning 5am

Level 6
Pre-requisite - Level 5, and intense spiritual practises. You will get entry in this level only on selection basis. A pledge for following certain wisdom from bhagwad geeta/ or any other religious book you follow. Give yourself a gap of at least 1 month after level 5.
Shaktipat energy with a power of 80-85 % will be showered, and this would be quite intense. As the Shaktipat before this level, here too you are expected to shut off from all sources of negativity. Plus you will be given a special routine to practise based on your progress and choices to follow a path of Karma yog, jnana yog or bhakti yog.
Fees – Rs. 800 $ 25 USD
Time – from morning 5am till 21 days. Shaktipat energies will be taken away on 22nd day morning 5am

Level 7
Pre-requisite - Level 6, spiritual practises, clearly specified goals about your life before applying for this Shaktipat, written code of ethics you would follow after complete awakening of the Kundalini. And a written pledge you will use your awakened Kundalini only for wellbeing of mankind; higher ideals and wisdom are expected to be applied by you on daily basis.
Give yourself a gap of at least 1 month after level 7.
Shaktipat energy will be showered fully 100% on every participant. The participants are expected to be in a very calm and focused way of mind set. Practices for each participant would be different on this level. And Shaktipat energy would be most intense.
Only healthy and sane minded participants would be allowed to participate in this Shaktipat.
Participants appearing from level 1, though suffering from minor ailments are expected to be healed by the 5th or 6th level by the level of Shaktipat energy. If you have not trained your body by happy rules then only you will be able to bring your health to good shape.
Fees - Rs. 1000/- $ 45 USD
Time – from morning 5am till 21 days. Shaktipat energies will be taken away on 22nd day morning 5am

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