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Monday, 22 October 2012

November Kundalini Shaktipat

Next Major Winter Solstice Kundalini Shaktipat event starting from 21th December -27th December 2012. To enroll for it send in me your pic with clear eyes on powerbooster@facebook.com

Kundalini Shaktipat page has been edited and more info has been added, please read it here before enrolling or planning to enroll.
Next Kundalini Shakitpat starting from 11th November, this time there is a change in the schedule for the shaktipat. There will be shaktipat energy sent for not 7 days like before but for 21days. It will end on 2nd December, which is exactly 21 days.
Something about 21 day magic, research says anything we do continuously for 21 days becomes a habit and helps to set it deep into our energy systems. So in regard to this theory I have changed the schedule for Shaktipat, which will be set forth from next shaktpat onwards.
The fees is the same Rs. 1500/-

Something more, please follow the 'happy rules' the most from about 3 months proir to the shaktipat. Which helps in awakening the kundalini quickly, as happy rules will be cleaning your system thoroughly from the in and out.

Kundalini awakens quickly when there are very few or no physical/ mental/ emotional blocks.
Physical/ mental/ emotional blocks are caused by blocking negative thoughts or emotions which when continue to keep blocking for longer periods take a physical form.

Note - 

Your Kundalini may awaken at the first hour when the shaktipat begins or it may take even more then one shaktipat to awaken. It all depends on how much you follow the happy rules/ rules for happy awakening. These rules become important for anyone who wants to awaken their kundalini as Kundalini is a Divine energy and needs a clean system to work with. And with a negative mind set and cloggy emotions.

Divinity accepts just divine thoughts, so negative thoughts about yourself or others wont attract your kundalini to get awakened.

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