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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Next Kundalini Shaktipat

Next Kundalini Shaktipat event starting from 11th October -17th October 2012. To enroll for it send in me your pic with clear eyes on powerbooster@facebook.com

Hello friends, Next Kundalini Shaktipat for the month of October would be on 11th to 17th of October. It will start on 5am on 11th of October and end on 5am on 18th of October.
As this is my birth month I have put a special discount that wouldn't be given in any other months.
The fees for newcomers would be Rs.1000/- valid only for this month, and fees for repeaters would be Rs. 350/-

But this Shaktipat will be conducted only as a personal session and no Distant Shaktipat would be given this time. 

Anybody who is interested in taking Shaktipat this time please go to this page and fill up your details with your pic in this form, whether you are eligible or not would be then decided by me after scanning your energy body.

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