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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Why to follow a vegetarian diet if you follow kundalini awakening or any other spiritual path?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Connect to your True Guru!

Want to know your true Guru?

Who gives you real advice, that works for you?

Do you want that one person on whom you can rely, trust and have unshakable faith?

Do you wish to know what's right? Right for you!?

Do you feel the absence of a True Guru on your Kundalini Awakening journey?

If all these answer to a yes, then please drop in your replies in comments below. Also drop in your concerns about anything specific to this topic.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kundalini & Veganism

The last post on the blog about Kundalini messages struck this new wave about veganism, I got many queries for it. So I would like to share a bit more on this topic.
As the word vegan is already scary or sounds tedious to many(it was tedious for me too) but things changed.

Kundalini & Animal energy - 

As you might have read in many books that non-vegetarian food(meat,fish,eggs) are almost considered unfit to include in diet when you are practicing kundalini awakening/ spirituality. Kundalini is closely connected with cleansing you of your Karmas. Your chakras and how they work is directly associated with your karmas. When karmic debts need to be paid the related chakras start clogging and create you an inner environment for cleansing those chakras by attracting problems and difficulties.
Animals have their own mind and their wishes, and so forcefully killing them or making them generate milk and other necessities involves karma.

How Karmas are accumulated with our act of making food - 
Animals are the beings that are making their progression towards human life. Every animal is given a specific time span during which it survives and learns lessons related to that specie. For any animal to develop proper qualities such that they would be better humans they need to live their life and die naturally.

Also animals are given mind like humans, plants dont have mind and they cannot express pain. So cutting plants and cooking them has lesser karma then killing animals(though certain Indian saints were said to be eating only fruits shunning any leaves or other parts of plants to be cut that can help the plant to grow further. The fruits also were eaten only when they dropped from the tree, to avoid pain to it. Thus no karma was involved in the entire act of eating). Human is intelligent and is given qualities to understand the pain or happiness of other living beings. And so according to this Human is supposed to follow his this Dharma of "Humanity".

Animal products including meat, fish, milk etc contain the mental energy/emotional energy of the animal. And when we consume it, it gets mixed with our own mental/emotional energy.
So when you consume their products you actually also consume their wishes, desires and feelings. You will then have your own wishes as well as of that animals' too and from each animal.

Kundalini already has the huge chore to clean up your system for emotional, mental and physical blockages and you are adding to that burden.

Also animal products are said to clog communication channels. The communication channels that help you download Divine knowledge and elevate you to higher levels of wisdom.

Also there is a huge misunderstanding created by the advertising world about certain foods. That its only their food that will give nutrition to you to stay healthy. But food that is made and eaten with violence or cruelty is always 1000X better and more fulfilling then the one that is made due to greed and insecurity.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kundalini & its Guidance

Kundalini awakening is the biggest boon to mankind, there are many reasons to it. It clears mental, emotional and physical blocks inside a body; it helps us to overcome our weaknesses, it helps us to stay healthy, protects us from negative energy etc.
People always are astounded by reading the advantages of kundalini awakening that they can hardly believe that its all true and something like this would really be possible.
There's more to it, kundalini advantages are there, given to the guidance that your kundalini gives you is followed 100% accurately. Yes the kundalini does give you the above advantages, but being in a human body man is prone to bend towards his weaknesses which may hinder the progress of kundalini or mar the already achieved progress of kundalini.

Kundalini awakening happens and with it you are supposed to take your Human Life very seriously. Its not like that you keep making mistakes and your kundalini will keep mending the damage you have made. Kundalini has mended you and your body so that you can take charge of your life and complete your life's mission.
Life's mission is something that you have to do inorder to give your contribution to this earth, in return of getting food, water, shelter and other resources which includes relationships.

Now before taking to kundalini and its guidance, I would like to clear this out. Guidance from kundalini is not to be taken as guidance from some spiritual force, or angels or masters. This guidance is directly from the creative force who created you. And knows what's best for you and would help you while the creation process(you life) is still going on. Which means guidance from angels or guides or ascended masters can be ignored or sidelined. BUT GUIDANCE FROM KUNDALINI IS TO BE FOLLOWED CLOSELY, ALWAYS; WITH 100% ACCURACY!!!!!

You must be thinking why Im exaggerating this face so much. Well then I must say that this or any more which I write describing the kundalini guidance is not an exaggeration. Its just a little spec.

Kundalini guidance/ messages are so important to be followed. Else you will find your life stuck and not going ahead even an inch. Well this is true. Kundalini is here to remove blocks from your life, and if you dont follow her messages then how are those blocks going to be cleared? There are sometimes certain behaviours, situations, lifestyles or people that no longer serve your purpose(Life's Mission); in other words your accounts related to these subjects are closed and you need to move ahead. In this case if you fall in love with the stuck situations, bitter relationships, hopeless circumstances and toxic lifestyle then how are you going to get that dream life, perfect relationships, joyful circumstances for your life.
Inorder to get better things or things that you totally deserve you have to first loosen strings from things that dont serve you or break you down. You need to clear space inorder to allow fresh and positive life to flow, and to do that you need to clear the garbage & bad smells from things that dont serve you or break you down. What does not feel good + kundalini guidance to get off from it is a sure red signal from universe that you are not going to go anywhere with that.

Now about the guidance...
Ok, so now you want to follow kundalini guidance as you understood the above extract quite well. And so getting to the messages directly.
Kundalini messages can be in any way, it can be in the best from you understand. Visuals, Sounds, Images, Feelings etc. Now you cant choose what way you get messages. We get messages the way we synthesize messages in our day to day life.
Some people understand things very well by images, some by hearing, some by kinesthetic(images + movement) some understand very well by feelings. What your mode is, you get messages in that way. Sometimes it may take time for you to understand these messages. As remember you have learnt the ways of materialistic world but your kundalini has not. She has awakened to make you experiences of spiritual world. So it maybe tricky for her too to make you understand at first whats good and whats not good for you.

Once you begin getting any messages or images during a kundalini awakening, start deciphering it. As this message needs to be immediately put into action to save you from upcoming harm or negative situation. Its ok if you cant understand it completely. Sometimes you might need a few days to understand it fully.
Once you understand it, never dare to go against it. Yes I do mean it, as her guidance is always life-saving. Time and again she has proved it to me.

What kind of guidance is kundalini guidance?
Kundalini guidance can be sometimes be irrelavant of your current concerns, the guidance can sound odd or meaningless but its the best and the most treasurable advice to you at that point of time. As creative force knows better whats coming up in future for you rather then you. As you are just looking forward to your future, but kundalini knows in and out of your future happenings and so it always prepares you prior to it, so that your life keeps going in a steady pace.

Write down your kundalini journal..
writing your kundalini journal is extremely beneficial. As you can keep log of all messages. As sometimes certain messages need to be followed for years, or decades. Phew sounds big right! Yes it is, for your life to go on a smooth path you need certain guidance that would need to be followed for years and years to come.
Sometimes we need to follow some messages for longer time to change the pattern of our thinking or our habits. As habits take long time to change. This is because our brain cells take the longest time to renew, to be more specific its 12 years!

So, there you go. Let me know in comments if you have any questions about kundalini messages / guidance. I would try my best to help you.

I would like to add some part of my own experimentation here..
I had read somewhere that animal products block communication channels, I am a vegetarian but still this did bother me as I was loving Dairy products. I was a big time fan of Cheese and always thought of Veganism as something impossible to achieve. But last year I tried this inorder to clarify my channels. And after 3months I could understand the K messages very well. And the way life was stuck before, by not following the guidance; I can stay pretty off from Dairy products from now.
 I think this happens as Kundalini helps you to clear off ill effects of Karmas from your system, and so it will not allow you to add more karmas. Dairy industry is cruelty to animals and being Human our one of Dharma is to care & protect for the species lower then us.

Image courtesy - Paul from www.freedigitalphotos.net 

Friday, 4 April 2014

How to participate, When to participate & Who can participate?

Kundalini Shaktipat Participation - 
Kundalini Shaktipat and participating for it has now changed. The previous way of participation was open to all at all times. How ever I noticed a few things, youngsters were very quick at picking up shaktipat energy and would awaken their kundalini quicker. And the middle aged were a bit slower in their awakening and the last came were the elders. Well this is the average calculation and not the exact routine. There were people who completely negated this pattern and went ahead to awaken their kundalini despite of their age.
The reason that youngsters from 15 to 30 yrs can awaken their kundalini very quickly in less time is that their souls are less polluted with bad karmas as they have just spent a short span of their life on this planet while the elderly people have spent more time and thus have accumulated more karmas good and bad which accumulate in their systems as blockages and so mar the flow of the kundalini shaktipat energy. Also here too there are exceptions, there are some youngsters who have done terrible karmas by their tender age itself or have brought heavy karmic baggage from past life to be paid off; and some elderly people who have maintained their purity by sticking to doing only good karmas throughout their lives along with being good humans reducing their tendency to create emotional blockages.
So I have come to a simple conclusion for this, there will be three age groups and different shaktipat for them- 
Group I - Young people from 15 to 30 yrs can participate every month if they please. 
Group II- The people from 30 to 45 yrs fall into second group and they can participate every two months for shaktipat, as this will give them time in between to cleanse their emotional blocks that may surface up during the shaktipat.
Group III- And the age group from 45 to 60 yrs which is more elderly group, and their systems need more cleansing as their souls have seen greater turmoil along the years they have lived .
Participation Details - 
Group I, almost once every month.
Group II, once in two months
Group III, once in three months.
Schedule now onwards - 
April 21st Shaktipat - Open for Group I
May 21st Shaktipat - Open for Group I & II
June 21st Shaktipat (Summer Solstice Major Shaktipat)- Open for Group I, II & III

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why does Kundalini Awakening happen to people?

Kundalini Awakening ans stories about its activation and awakening fascinate people from all over the world and they try to do it for themselves getting totally different and surprising experiences then what they heard.

Why does kundalini awaken at all? a question that bugs some people who sometimes go through the psychosis process or just turbulent awakening without knowledge. Kundalini awakens always at the right time. It never happens at wrong time or accidentally. Everything's planned.
There are karmas that are clogged into the body which is linked to the energy system which is responsible for the psychosis and other kundalini related symptoms.
Kundalini psychosis the more you fear the more it gets the heck out of you. Just give your kundalini freedom to move around by surrendering to it completely and it will remove all the blocks that your body has.

A soul is always moving in a path towards the creator while continuous births and deaths on this planet. After each life it is supposed to raise itself to higher level.
The problem with these souls arises when they forget this after being birthed on this earthly plane and walk in tune with the ongoing maya world, and this mayaic world has the illusionary play going on which is totally opposite to what reality is. It always believes in sticking to where you are and being settled in life. Which is never a soul's plan in any lifetime.
A Soul is never going to take anything that it had earned while its settlement in life, it just carries all good and bad deeds.
The ignorance of soul after birth leads to numerous births and deaths upto the extent that its deeds to make its body exist properly on the physical dimension gets over and they really begin to have crisis of it.
This is the time when the veil of maya is lifted and they slowly start seeing the truth! This is when  kundalini awakening knocks into the soul's lifetime just out of the blue.
Almost all kundalini awakened soul's say they got into kundalini awakening without any planning, or kundalini awakened by chance!