Next Kundalini Shaktipat begins 21st June 2015, will last for 7 days. See Kundalini Shaktipat page for details.

Monday, 4 May 2015

What is Kundalini Shaktipat?

Kundalini Shaktipat-

Kundalini is the divine energy that lies in Dormant state in our body, and when awakened is felt as if a serpent is creeping on our spine, a turbulent energy climbing up your spine. Due to this its also called "The Serpent Fire" The kundalini energy is felt as a strong gush of energy moving up in the spinal column which also called the Spinal Sweep. This can either come to you as a very powerful feeling of energy in your body; or you might not feel your body at all. And feel only as if you are the Energy, the greatest of energy that exists on this earth.

It is no new science, it is age old with its roots found in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika dated back to 15th Century.  And its even more older then that, with the Guru-Shishya tradition commonly practiced 5000+ yrs ago. But it was kept secret and given out only to deserving people whom the Guru himself selected. Also this is the BIG reason why Kundalini Awakening happens easily to people who the teacher feels are 100% ready for the process of Awakening.

Now with the advancement of the world into the Aquarius age, the awakening that happened to only few in the past centuries has now become a must. The alignment of the planet along the centre of the galaxy, the advancement of the planet in all fields and also the increase in the stress rates which are not being helped by any of the medicines makes it extremely necessary that you start moving towards awakening your kundalini.
Kundalini Awakening

The Serpent is awakened and it rushes to forcefully open the Muladhara chakra or Root Chakra lying at the base of the spine, you will feel as if a electrical current is forcing near tailbone area or might feel that area exploding. And as it bursts open pressure is felt rustling upwards the spine. This may result into your body vibrating or oscillating or doing different Kriyas, but you need not worry it stabilizes as soon as the negative energies in our body/toxins are released. And the chakras will be opened, by its force. Vibrations can also occur in the body, you might also not feel any vibrations at all if you dont have much negative energy in your body; though you will feel some or the other type of energy shift within you.

A body in which the Kundalini Energy regularly awakens is like an ever pure stream of energy. Especially when atleast first five chakras have opened by kundalini. People will love your company as your aura will be very positive. And the journey keeps going higher and higher as you keep practicing your Shaktipat Lessons.... there is no limit to this, yes you have to be continuously practicing the Rules even after Kundalini Awakens. New powers, abilities and energy levels are felt with regular practice  Due to this you cannot achieve a certain level and stop and says "I have mastered it" everybody is always a student for the Mighty Kundalini Shakti (energy). Even after you have opened all your Chakras with Kundalini, you are still student of the Kundalini.
Even today after my 7 years of being Kundalini activated I am still a student of Her. And am blessed to offer this beautiful Divine Shaktipat at such a young age.
Kundalini Awakening & Opening of Chakras are not a big deal, the actual Journey begins after you have fully Opened all your 7 chakras with Kundalini Energy.

What happens during Shaktipat?
During Shaktipat, your energy system or Aura you can say will be prepared to receive the Shaktipat. This process will not disturb your day to day process. You can actually prepare for this even while having your normal routine life.
For you to be ready for the Shaktipat, you have to just repeat a prayer daily that will be given to you once you sign up for the process. This usually happens during Level 2. Before this level you are supposed to appear in Level 1. And you will be allowed to enter for Level 2, only when you pass necessary guidelines from Level 1 for atleast 3 months.

Shaktipat will happen only through Distant mode..
Shaktipat is now available only by Distance mode, as I dont conduct any personal sessions anymore. Kundalini can be better felt when you are in your personal space, and can take as much time for the awakening to sink in.
Though Shaktipat is by distant mode, it will be still be very powerful and you will feel it.
You will have to keep me updated with your progress. There will be a facebook group where you will be able to connect with all people participating in the course.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to deal with Kundalini Psychosis?

For Participating in Kundalini Shaktipat, a strict discipline and a strict routine has to be followed. If you cannot do it, then nobody can help you awaken your kundalini! And all discipline's and routine is to be followed without any expectations, as nobody can say when the kundalini would awaken and would complete all 7 chakra opening.
Kundalini Psychosis is the unexpected unnecessary behavior that people get during their process of awakening of their kundalini. This shift in the behaviour might point to blocked or clogged emotions / energythat are now seeming to get an outlet. Or it might also be a mental block which is caused by beliefs or thoughts that need revision or discarding.
If you are a shy person and always wanted to be outgoing, loud and rowdy this might start showing up when that emotional block is tapped.
There are several blocks like this in your system. And each can either get released gracefully or cause a hullaboo in your life, or in the life of people who surround you.
kundalini shakti

Kundalini Psychosis is not something to get freaked out -
Kundalini Phychosis I guess happens with 98% of people wanting to awaken their kundalini. To what degree it happens depends on the amount of blockages in your body, as well as voids in your system.
Voids in energy body, is caused by the urge to not feel or remember certain incidents or memories. And these are such memories that have hurt you the most and so charge around them is the most. The bigger the hurt the greater is the hurt energy, and that big will be the size of void in your system.

Kundalini Psychosis can be visible or invisible-
Not all kundalini psychosis will be visible. Some of it might even go unnoticed. I mean most of it about 40 -50 % of it will go unnoticed. And so you might be even wondering what this term means at first place.
Kundalini Psychosis is loud and clear when there is any unnecessary bondage or maya that needs to be cut off or sorted out. Now its totally upto you whether you cut off the ties of Maya just energetically or materialistically with people.
There are cases of people breaking up with their partner's during Kundalini Awakening, is common. Its not something that is a 'side-effect' of spirituality or being swept away by spiritual world. Its just that sometimes kundalini awakening takes you to different level, and a different awareness and you dont find your partner at the same space. And so no connection is felt. To split up temporarily or permanently is totally your choice.

You can do it lovingly -
When you are taken away by the Kundalini drive and you feel like making the huge changes, you can always be nice to yourself. If you be good to yourself, you will be good to everyone. And if you dont take care of yourself, you wont please anyone.
So try to be as loving towards yourself as possible. You will find yourself doing stupid things, desiring insane things, being totally different person to what you were before awakening for which you might get many frowns. But just love yourself, its just a process that is happening. Its you, and its happening because of the divine shaking up and waking inside you.
So take it easy, and let it move. Be good to yourself.
If the events, emotional drama increases make sure you don't harm yourself by substances that are not good for your body.
Alcohol and addictions are an easy way to slip into, during this time. But remember this is happening because a block has bubbled up. If you try to soothe it down with alcohol or intoxication's the block isn't going to heal. It will resurface again, next time you try to awaken your kundalini.
And if due to fear of your kundalini psychosis, you totally leave your K journey for this birth, then it will surface up in your next birth. Its coz of your Karmic suffering or payback that you might need to go through such phase. Or it might be a learning, that will help you later on in life. So running away isn't going to help.
Practicing Affirmation might surely help. I would recommend Louise Hay's Self-Esteem affirmations. She's a master at how to lovingly remove the unwanted mental and emotional garbage from your inner self. Also try reading You can heal your Life by Louise Hay. Its a gem. If you have any other book which you feel would help better, then read that. Books will help you during this time, if you don't have any expert closeby.

And above all, leave it to God - 
All blockages in you were unknowingly added in your system, and whatever we say about 'us being in control of our lives'. Its a saying that there is nothing in this cosmos that happens without the consent of God. And so in a way all that bad happened to you, is because of some plan of the divine.
And so when you cant understand any bit of it, and don't know what to do about it. Then just pray to Him and leave it to God.
God knows how to solve all the puzzles that he created. It might sound impossible for you, as you didnt create it. But the issue somewhere was woven inside your system with God's consent, and so he will surely know the solution to it.

So have fun along your way on your kundalini journey. Hope you liked this post, and it was helpful to you in some way.
If you would like to ask any questions about this, or add something to this.... Please do so by commenting below.

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I will be back next week, with another useful kundalini article!
So till then, Chao... Take Care of yourself, you are amazing the way you are.

Monday, 2 March 2015

What is the reason behind feeling vibrations in the body?

While the kundalini awakening journey there are the vibrations that can be mild, normal or enormous. These vibrations are felt during meditation, sleep or any resting period whenever you might be a little still and might have sat to take a breath. Vibrations might be soothing to turbulent. The vibrations whatever they are felt they are felt due to a reason. They are felt because there is a certain blockage in that part of body, if the whole body vibrates then there might be many blockages throughout the body.

What are vibrations?

Kundalini awakens and the first things it will do is to travel along your body. Not just travel but to reach into each and every cell of your body, each and every capillary of your body. When there is any hindrance there will be pressure felt at that place which can be felt like a vibration. This pressure is because kundalini awakens and its quite a strong force. When the body has these kind of blocks the kundalini flow in a particular part of the body is restricted and so the body vibrates. The finest of the body nerves are the capillaries and so they tend to get blocked, if there is not much movement or exercise given to that part of the body.

Is your experience with kundalini awakening incomplete if you dont feel vibrations?

NO, kundalini awakening experience can be very mild to actually nothing sensed on physical level to very highly turbulent vibrations and other psychosis symptoms. When kundalini is blocked by mental, emotional or physical blocks then kundalini’s flow is restricted.

When body has very less blocks then there are little to no vibrations felt on physical part of the body.

On the other hand the experience is surely registered on emotional and mental level as these are more subtler part of the energy body. If you did not have any physical experience then surely you will have a profound emotional or mental or spiritual experience.

Does the body get harmed if the body vibrates very rigourously?

The kundalini vibrations can become very turbulent and vigorous these vibrations happen inorder to balance the energies inside those part of the body. Sometimes the vibrations become so strong that it bangs the body against something hard. At these times the seer will feel as if you are under great pain or something is bothering you. But the vibrations actually are felt relieving onto the person who is feeling this.

I have seen body vibrating so badly that it was literally banging the body. But that person was totally sound when he woke up. And that similar rigorous things didnt happen with me. So its not compulsory that everybody has to feel vibes in their body.

I just lately discovered that not everyone feel vibrations in their body while their kundalini awakens.

Can kundalini awakening experience be felt just subtly?

Yes, this is true. I have lately discovered this. I thought to have very vigorous vibrations was the only way the kundalini awakening could be sensed. But that’s not true for all. I have discovered people totally peaceful during meditation also have awakening experience.

There are several people all over the world whose kundalini can be awakened without anybody’s help, sometimes they dont even know what to call that experience. But the have a heightened state of awareness and a better and elevated sense of wisdom.

This is all from me today, I will be back with more informational stuff next week. If you have anything more to add to this above matter, you can do so in comments below. If you need to get info on a particular topic related to kundalini, or you want me to post an article that’s related to kundalini do write to me at

Awaken to your true powers, World is much better then that shallow self tries to show you!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kundalini Awakening Shaktipat Q & A

Kundalini Awakening Shaktipat Questions answered.
These are the most common questions that were asked to me, till now. If you have more questions other then these, then drop them in comments below!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Why you dont want to awaken your Kundalini now?

I am passionate about kundalini and always sing its praises to almost everyone I meet. And also try to coax them to begin their kundalini awakening journey. If you meet me and if I tell you the same there are several things you might think. First thing you might think, if you dont want to awaken your kundalini energy. It is, you’ll feel I may be telling you this as I want to earn some money through your payment. Which doubt I may remove by saying, you can go just anywhere to awaken your kundalini- including to Guru’s who do it for free. And then the next set of things I may hear is, Ohh no no, I am not yet ready to awaken my kundalini now etc etc. This is the same story with many people. They say they are not too much into spirituality, they are not much interested going on higher level now; maybe they might do it later in their lives. And all such sorts of different things I hear, when people like you and me are confronted with this question. Actually I also was one of them, I too didnt want to get much deep into this just because I felt that I want to stay rooted into materialistic world and not get ‘too’ spiritual.

These are the several ways by which we create excuses for not going for kundalini awakening. But I would like to share today the genuine reason why you don’t want to get into kundalini awakening.

What happens during complete kundalini awakening?
full kundalini awakening

During the kundalini awakening the chakras are opened one by one, and when all the seven chakras are opened by the divine kundalini its said to be a full and complete awakening of kundalini. This is the actual state which is the initial goal to awaken kundalini.

The first five chakras are associated with 5 elements each, of which this planet is comprised. And when these chakras are opened by kundalini that element is mastered by you. And you will never fall a prey to that element’s ill’s again. Though it stays permanently that way only after full awakening, yet initial chakras opening also help with things.

After the first five chakras are crossed, you are the master of all the 5 elements and you cannot be hurt by them. The sixth chakra when crossed will also eradicate your ego and seventh chakra opening will connect you to the universal ego, or the ego of the divine. Which can be termed as the ideal ego that everybody should have.

So who actually creates problems in your kundalini awakening journey?

Your biggest enemy, in your kundalini awakening journey is your own ego. As soon as you read this you might develop a bit of bitterness, as you might get this prompt thought that ‘you dont have ego problem’. But that thought itself is driven by your ego.

What is ego? And why is it not bad?

Ego is the entity inside everyone that exists(except siddha yogi’s). Every human has an ego. And ego is not bad. Ego is actually meant for your good. Ego is given to you for your own existence, so that it can be safe and peaceful. Ego is the entity that connects you to your body. Otherwise the soul is very much unconditional & non-judgemental that it will not protect your body against crooks and rogues. Soul is forever at peace and happy. And being born as a human where you are not having any extra powers and few bad karmas to pay off; having an attitude like that will just make your existence in danger.

Ego is the entity that connects the soul to the body and always pops critical questions before you decide anything.

So why does this ego hinder your kundalini awakening journey?

The kundalini awakening journey is itself a big threat for the ego. And the ego frets it. As the kundalini awakening will eradicate the ego itself. When things are good its okay but during stressful circumstances the ego itself becomes your biggest enemy. The ego is the one that will make you feel that you are superior then everybody else on this planet and its the same thing that will make you feel that you are worthless and foolish.

The chattering that you always keep hearing in your mind is not yours, you are always at peace; its your ego that keeps on chattering.

The awakening of kundalini in lower chakras is not a big deal, but many are there who tell me I dont want to go to higher chakras as its not where I want to go. Here ego is the only reason that stops them. As ego dies after the 7th chakra will be opened.

So what to do, whether to decide to go for kundalini awakening journey or not?

Kundalini awakening journey and the full and complete awakening is going to become a must for everyone. As the future where this world is taking us is going to be more and more hectic, energy draining and competitive. You can exist peacefully and as well as be successful at whatever you do only when you have your kundalini awakened. As otherwise its almost impossible to tackle the stress issues at one hand and get everything that you want in your life in other hand.

And telling you a small secret, your ego is the big devil that comes in the way of you and your success most of the times. As it will always give you negative thoughts when you try to do something out of the box.
Also you might have been aware of kundalini awakening dangers that might also make you feel fearful of awakening your kundalini. Read more about Kundalini dangers here.
So the best decision you can take by reading this post is that “you are ready for the full awakening”. Getting fully awakened by kundalini is not going to change you or make you into an ascetic. Yes you will become more saintlike from within. Its not going to take away pleasures of materialistic world, its just going to double or quadruple them. Its not going to take you away from your loved ones, its going to actually make you love more deeply and truly. You will be a much better citizen of this world when you are awakened, then what you are right now. You will be enjoying best of health, best of emotional health, mental health; best success at whatever you do, earning more money then you ever had imagined(only if you want to), having successful relationships, and a master at spirituality. And best of all you will never ever do a wrong thing which will make you regret in future. As you will be guided by the divine ego.

Did you like this post? What do you now feel about kundalini awakening? Do share in comments below!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Shouldn’t Spiritual Services be Free of cost?

Shouldn’t Spiritual Services be Free of cost?

Spiritual World is free, so why do you need to pay for Spiritual Services.

Lately there has been a huge rush of experts of Spirituality that do a lot of amazing things. There are Healers, Fortune Tellers, mind readers, energy experts, people who teach all this amazing stuff. The big stumbling block that does come in the way between you and these amazing things is “Money”. These people do quite a lot of things, they have special abilities like clairvoyance, psychic powers etc which they say its a God’s gift to them. And there comes a halt at the speed with which you were dreaming about having a healing, session, Q/A, or learning all that these people know. As money might be the biggest stumbling block when it comes to learning.

I know the feeling as I had experienced it myself too. And I know how ugly it is. Its like you are falling into a pit right from the heights of the sky. Years back I was also slowly getting more and more interested into spiritual stuff and with the amount of goals I had in my life, only sky was the limit. Which later on I learned, is not the only limit. I slowly figured out that these people who were spiritual also charged money. And all I thought was, “this stuff is God’s gift right! So why do I need to pay for it. You didn’t go to any university to learn it”. A lot of plans came to a halt, because of the limitation of money. And it was not normal charge, it was quite a huge chunk. Which was difficult for me to extract from my pocket, just when these workshops popped up. So do you think, when now I am doing the same, I mean charging same amount; I am trying to avenge myself for what happened to me in past? LOL

Well absolutely not! After I slowly began learning all the spiritual stuff, one day I decided that I was up. All the cheaters and scammers who just want money in the name of spirituality have their karma pot full. Because now Im gonna splash the market with this awesome stuff that Ive got, and make all people- like me who might be in need; get all the services freely or at reasonable rates.
So where do I start from? I had my friends and relatives who knew I did pretty good readings. And so they were my first clients. They started pouring in. And soon I was busier then a professional Tarot reader. I did this way for sometime and something strange happened. Most of the people who took readings from me, hardly improved in their problem area. I was very much confused that what was happening. If I’m getting feedback about readings being perfectly correct, then why their life wasn’t improving?

I then tried to get in touch with few Tarot professionals who told me to stop giving “Free” readings. I couldn’t actually understand the real reason behind it. LOL I didn’t follow their advice, you know why? Because it was for free! Volla. Hahahaha....

Well then I actually took a few courses for becoming a Professional tarot reader. And the first thing I was taught there was “not to give anything for free”

Human tendency of Laziness, and not working on self- improvement -

Its human tendency to not work towards betterment of the self and health unless you have paid for the advice. Do you remember how much advice you get from your elders or friends? Its all correct, but! You still dont follow it. Do you know why, because its for FREE. Remember getting free passes for shows or programs? Have you ever used them? If yes, did you actually enjoy that? Or did you enjoy a program for which you paid a huge fee?

I know the answer, you enjoyed the one you paid for.

Its because of our psychology. We tend to have Value for the things that we have paid for. And the things that we get as gifts or presents or a discount sale doesn’t end up on our fav list. Did you ever wear anything on your important days like bday or marriage, that somebody donated to you? Well its a NO. Perhaps you chose to wear something that was your favorite and might be quite expensive too. Maybe even a limited edition, which are far more expensive then actual product value.

But this is not the only reason why Spiritual services are charged for!

For everything given to you, something should be given in return. Otherwise it creates Karma.

Well. Now you might feel, oh common; so what? Does this crap really exist?! But spiritual people are more aware and more advanced into the spiritual world and know very well what this means. And so every one of them follows this rule very strictly.

Karmas are the deeds you do. When you do good you get something in return for it, whether in this birth or future births. Now if you dont believe in past and future lives doesn’t mean that the Law of Karma doesnt exist. Have you seen people with terrible disabilities, who totally depend for help with food, clothing and other things from passers by who help them? Well such people have such karmic baggage. They helped people unconditionally without getting something in return, which makes them eligible for getting help from those same people. And the one’s who give also wont shudder a bit. They too know deep inside that its their duty to help such person.

Ive also known about a lady who was a terrible social helper. She used to unconditionally help people, even though she was left with no money herself. She never took any kind of help, neither money from people. And later on in her old age she suffered a health issue where she could not do anything on her own. She was to be fed, clothed and helped for each and every thing. I have known many cases like this as hypnosis can tell you everything about the how’s and why’s of any person. I also know some people who are wonderful healers and they just cannot charge money. Though their own family gets broke and there’s no food for their own children. They know this is due to not charging money, and yet they just cannot make up their mind to atleast put a small fees for their healing services. This happens due to healer’s oath. In olden times healers were supposed to take oaths of poverty and chastity. No wonder today why so many healers are not able to find partner’s for themselves. Just because they took some oath, which still remains in their energy system.

Now if you are thinking about some spiritual master who does it for free, here’s the reason why. Its because they have such karma that they have to give unconditionally to people in their current lifetime, just because they had taken away a lot from people in their past lifetimes. These people can be kings who sometimes were tyrant or brute towards their people. And took away their belongings by force.

Why spiritual masters gave for free in past? And why its not been practised in the present?

Another reason...

In past there used to be very small amount of masters who usually led life of ascetics. They used to live in forests and their students were the one who collected food/ clothing etc stuff; as an offering of help in exchange of spiritual knowledge of the vedas/ spiritual texts. And apart from this help they also offered guru dakshina that too was decided by the guru, and sometimes by the student themselves. This Guru dakshina used to be things of their requirement. And so when they had this ready supply of materialistic resources they could have enough time to give their energy and knowledge to people for free.

Now a days this culture has stopped. Not at all stopped as we do see certain saints in white or orange wandering down the road sometimes. But that’s not a pretty site for all. Would you trust them? I know there are many people who have total distrust in them. Many reasons for that including hypnotizing and mesmerizing and stealing away valuables and money. And many other type of frauds.

So people like you and me trust people who are more like us. People who wear normal clothes like us and talk in language like we talk. Have a house or office that can be reached to if you have any problem or questions. You would rather prefer someone Normal and down to earth, who is just like you; after knowing this learning or guidance taking is easy and digestible for you. I know this, as I too am just like you. I also try to look into people before buying from them.

So where does the money charging need come for normal people?

Money charging scheme comes right along with choosing of normal people. People like us are pretty much normal and have pretty much the same monetary requirements. And along with that professional costs are also involved. Like if you are getting this knowledge that you have been appreciating getting every week- needs a computer, internet, email service, experts help behind technical stuff, website costs, website designing costs, helpline costs(I had one in past).... And I bet it doesnt stop. The list is never ending. It takes a great amount of equipments/ technology and expertise to to get a final product that appeals people like you. Otherwise cheap websites, cheap stuff dont even deliver promise of keeping the website up when people want to read it the most. I know LOL as I did try to fetch the cheapest one in the beginning. And that full year was a painful nightmare professionally.

Also you might have found me online or offline? How? Well only a handful people knew me through mouth to mouth communication. As people have this myth to let it grow that way. But that’s a silly way to depend. If I wanted to reach out to many I had to put my foot down in advertising and marketing.

Yet I know I havent marketed much as I feel spiritual stuff doesn’t need much marketing. But still I do need to spend quite amount of money. And living in this world isn’t for free. I still need to have food, and other things for day to day requirements which you know are not free. Also living in world like today’s where things are getting more and more expensive; just charitable services cannot be afforded.

If I am teaching people how to get abundance I need to embrace an abundant life myself first. And yes if you get a pinch inside while reading this ‘abundance’ or ‘richness’ you surely have some issues with money.

People who have taken oaths for shunning abundant lifestyles are many. You might be one of them. I know how much I had to work on that to remove that belief from my mind.

So why not a charitable charge around my services?

Very good question. Perhaps I too know this as I thought the same when I went out to learn all this.

When I used to do readings & other courses very reasonable I had the issue, that the money earned was only fulfilling my daily requirements. And my dreams my life purpose remained undernourished. Well my life purpose is to awaken Kundalini of each and every human on this earth. And for this I know I will have to do a lot of things. And maybe I thought I can choose to give shaktipat for free to people under poverty line. But just recently I discovered that beggers in India that people usually believe are the most poor, earn atleast 1000/- bucks per day! Can you imagine. And that’s not the average salary of an engineer who has begun working. So I dropped the idea of doing for free.

Instead I will be collecting money and doing something for stray animals in future. As they cannot earn money for themselves, and not have enough food or safety.

So now if you feel I am cheating, I am creating an offense, I am not a genuine person, I am insulting kundalini, I am doing an offense to spirituality well then you may do it. I know why I am charging fees for it, and how I will be giving out to this world in a way I choose.

Finger’s will be pointed to people who do good. After all the best people in history are the ones who were criticized the most.

And the day you realize that there’s nothing wrong in charging for spiritual services, just drop in a small msg to me. You’ll be replied with a smiley! :)

Did this post click something in you? Or do you still disagree to some points?
Do you have anything more then what's said here...
Please leave in comments below!

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Is the Divine Lovers’ Union, stopping you from getting Love in your Life?

Life Partners

Have you been longing to be in a loving and romantic relationship or wanting to get committed and due to some or the other reasons it just keeps getting away or you totally feel repulsive for it; though wanting it from deep within? Kundalini Awakening can be a major reason in this. Your kundalini might be wanting to get awakened. As I have told a zillion times on my site, kundalini is the mightiest force that governs our life, so this force can surely be one of the reason that’s blocking your love life; ahem and I must say Blocking for your good. There is a lot running into our lives or blocking our lives because of our progress of kundalini is blocked or not begun at all. And due to the shift of the planet’s awareness into the Aquarius age, the collective human consciousness is being forced into the new awareness. So either today or tomorrow you will have to compulsarily work for your higher evolution.
                                           Divine Lovers Union
Kundalini is the Divine feminine energy that’s inside us and once it is awakened it moves straight up your spine or it urges to move upward. Do you know why? Well, in search of HER soulmate. The Shiva that resides at the 3rd Eye Chakra between our two brows. When kundalini reaches the third eye chakra, there is knowledge of the entire universe gained by that person. And this union also sometimes(I think most of the times) bestows one with special powers or siddhi’s which one can use for the wellness of the universe.

Now you might be thinking where the hell is the whole connection between these two totally different topics. There is a connection! As we say nothing in this universe is anything else then God’s energy. So in the same way our lives’ materialistic matters as well as spiritual matters are closely connected. Actually your materialistic life is connected to spiritual life. The more you are from the inside, that much you can BE on the outside. Its totally true, all big personalities that we’ve seen who keep climbing success ladder and seldom have a fall are surely very very connected to their inner beings and have quite higher values and ethics for living and working. Riches & Happiness just are not given away to anybody who don’t deserve them.
                                 The world we love
Today’s world is going towards a world that everybody has been praying ‘to live in’ since past many centuries. A World where there is more of goodness, honesty-truth-innocence are values that will be highly valued and celebrated, people will stop cheating and will be honest in whatever they do, there will be no impostors-hatred-fakeness and that all this people would do out of love. God-liness inside every soul will be honoured rather then just bragging over God’s in temples. Also people will be able to always choose their life purpose as their career’s, so that they dont have to bear bitter fruit of failure of being in the wrong train, or indefinitely getting caught in some job that they daily curse or hate to be at.
                                Angel announcing change
So what do you think will there be a huge angel who will appear that will blow a huge flute that will signal, “enough now people, start acting as good people as good time begins”? well NO. That special world is already emerging and the divine that we are longing to see to give us directions has already begun getting more active WITHIN US and more overpowering then the weak false values that people have been cluelessly following since past many ages that had made humans endlessly waste the infinite potential that being in a Human body brings.
This Divine that has become active in you, me and everyone around us is nothing but the Shakti, your Kundalini. The powerful force that’s making you feel shivers or tingles in your body right now. If you feel it right now, know that you are not reading this just to pass your time. You have been directed here because the right time for your kundalini awakening has come. And yes its not that this is written to promote the Kundalini Shaktipat on this site. It means your kundalini is awaiting an initiation right now, through the Guru that it chooses for you or will be choosing through you in future. Your Kundalini is waiting for an awakening and to meeting its soulmate Shiva and this union will convert you into a higher being(nothing dramatic or filmsy, but a higher being from within; and maybe from without too if you are lucky to acquire some siddhi’s)

Sometimes the Divine will not let you choose or adjust, just to compromise your situation- which you are not striving to change at present. Your life might be stuck and you might be in a phase where you are not wanting to ‘be’ anymore and desire to be much better, have much better, get whatever you want, be where you wish etc without any limitations from finances, people or geographic locations. But to make the change, might be a huge feat for you; as you dont know whether the change would be successful or unsuccessful for you. And just because of this fear you might be compromising to stay with your sticky problems and act as if you have learned to be happy with them. Atleast do that to make others around you feel that way, ignoring the inner screams for change that the soul is making regularly.

Well reading such kind of post on a Kundalini blog freaks people out, as many tell me they dont want to leave their family nor they want to become ascetics. And I have to give a big LOL, as kundalini awakening and the complete awakening(opening all 7 chakras) are not meant for just ascetics. As kundalini awakening is for people in ‘sansaar’ means a materialistic world that we live in.

[I totally relate to you, that reading such words ‘saansari’ etc might be a huge put down for you. As you might not be wanting to get into any spiritual stuff or heavily loaded saintly language.]

Kundalini awakening brings to us the peace of mind that’s extremely essential in today’s world, brings you everything that you need to fulfill your life purpose, and also fulfills all your true desires. So if you desire to have a partner then your kundalini awakening might help you to get a better one after you awaken it rather then what you might choose in a non-awakened state.

With the evolving world, you too are supposed to evolve. And if you decide to stay stuck, the universe knows to give you a gentle or harsh kick. So rather then being kicked to ‘be awakened’ for your good you can always try to actively begin to work for your kundalini awakening.

Being fully awakened will sometimes make you aware of the real self that you are. We all are born in this world as a fragment of God’s soul in our bodies. That’s the same, yet we all are made a bit different so that we can do that one special thing in this world that God wants to breath out through us. And this happens only when you truly know yourself. When you are totally free from all limiting beliefs and thoughts. This can happen when you are fully awakened.

So we can put it this way that you knowing yourself and opening to your real powers can actually bring you to a better place/ situation / people. As we all know the famous saying a frog living in a well can only think upto the confines of the well. His thinking will be limited only till the well. He would feel the Well is the only biggest world. Whereas you and me know it is not. So better prepare yourself for your awakening, as getting out of the well is only the beginning to explore the wonderful world that God has placed us in!

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