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Monday, 26 January 2015

8 things to know, if you are a Kundalini enthusiast!

8 things you need to know, if you want to awaken your Kundalini or are already towards awakening it.

[Please read K as Kundalini & A as Awakening....]

K Enthusiast?Here’s what you should know!
Kundalini Enthusiast you are? I guess this is why you are here. And so you have just come wandering here inorder to just get some more info for kundalini.
Kundalini Awakening is a phenomenon that you can experience if you feel driven towards the term itself, or want to awaken it now or in future.
Kundalini is the one-stop solution for all problems that you have in your life and can help to actually achieve everything you want without any effort when you have a fully blown kundalini.

Here are some interesting things you should know about Kundalini Awakening -

1) Your K.A. Progress depends solely in your hands -

Whatever your Guru might have been, maybe of great Siddhi’s, also you might be attending places of great vibrations still your K awakening progress solely lies in your hands. And yes also in the hands of your Karmas. Your karmic cycle is paced highly when you are undertaking K awakening, and the karma suffering is shrunk to be experienced only within few months/years.

2) You need to be careful creating new karmas - 
While on K.A.journey you are washing away the effects of karmas from past lives, so while you are doing this you should also be careful that you dont create new karmas. Karmas are not just limited to actions, but they are also what you try to do to make others think and feel. So if others are giving it back to you as a result of your past karmas; then you will be tempted to do that too as an answer to what they are doing to you. But doing this will only add to your baggage. So its your choice whether you follow the same karmic pattern again, and then pay it off somewhere in distant future lifes. Or just try to think that situation from a higher perspective, forgive and let go.

3) Your Kundalini Progress is ‘locked’ across time & space - 

Life maybe having many other ills but one thing that God has made best, is the Kundalini Awakening progress Lock. Your progress with K.A.will never go down across lifetimes. You will keep going higher and higher at every birth, if you are practicing K.A yoga or any other way. Even if you are not practicing it, your kundalini will remind you by compelling you towards a spiritual path or a guru.

4) Your meditation practice is a must -
Regular Meditation is a must for K.A.

Meditation is a must for everyone wanting K.A or Spiritual Evolution. Sometimes I see people who brag about their Guru and how they are so well protected being under their energy(shelter). But this is not what you have got your Guru for. Your Guru might be having mightiest powers, but they are not meant so that you rest and party under its shelter. Your Guru might show his powers to you so that you too aspire to become like him. Otherwise your Guru is without any selfishness nor is limelight hungry. There is no need for him to display his abilities. Abilities or Siddhi’s are just shown inorder that you ‘believe’ in him and do what he says(i.e practice kundalini awakening kriyas given by him.)

5) Your aura expands and spreads and touches lives of people, when you practice positive thinking during your K.A journey -

spread love with your aura

While you are still going through opening your chakras with your awakened kundalini, you are still a higher being and a wiser soul then many people who might be around you. Inorder that your progress influences them, you can practice positive thinking or any other form of spirituality that you feel is the best for you. This helps to spread that vibration and make more of it. Also keep in mind, negative thinking might also tempt you, but its not a solution. It will create more karmas for you to dissolve. If people have been bad with you leave them to the universe. Karmas have never spared anyone.

6) Its your choice to behave good or bad -
good or bad

Sometimes people ask me very silly things, whether K will take over them and act on behalf of them. While your awakening is not complete you will still be under your control. You will be partially connected to divine. And so you will be responsible for your actions whether good or bad. Try to stay away from egoistic choices. Ego is the culprit for all good or bad actions that people take who are not awakened by kundalini. Ego inflates as well as gives depressive thoughts. So try to follow your heart more then your ego. Ask God to help you with this. [When I say God, always remember its the one sole entity that created the whole existence. Its not limited to any religion.]

7) Awakening is just the beginning -
completion is the beginning

(Dont go by the grumpy looks of this person, a fully awakened person is far away from such stern frowns. Even if they do its without any good or bad intent which doesn't add any karmas for them)
Kundalini awakening journey is sometimes given a lot of importance, and some people actually make this their only job in life. Well Kundalini Awakening is not your destination. And the completion of the kundalini after opening the crown chakra is not the finish line. Its actually the beginning. Shocked? Yes. Its like a soul acquires qualities of a real human after that completion. Until then you are just a soul who is carrying animalistic qualities from past births, inside a human body. Ego is one inheritance that you get from your animalistic births.

8) Karmic suffering is inevitable - 
karmas are inevitable

Karmas are what you create and pay for whether they are good or bad. But the account stays open even if there are good karmas and a soul has to come back to spend that account. Doing good to someone makes you eligible that they give you something good back either in this life or in future lives. Doing bad also has the same effect. You are going to get it in this birth or in future births. So either you do good or bad, you are sure to come back. Whereas the goal of the human is to finish of all karmas+do something good for this planet+prepare for ones spiritual evolution so that they have to come back again. This is the reason why its important for you to give something in return when somebody is giving you some good, or to take something back in return when you are giving something good to people.

I hope you enjoyed this article, there’s sure more to come in future so subscribe to this blog to stay tuned to latest updates.

Until then, bye see ya, loads of Love....

- Priti :)

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Monday, 19 January 2015

How to awaken Kundalini, easy tips.

Kundalini is the primordial energy that resides at the base of your spine. There are several ways of awakening it, but the one’s that Ive been taught about I’ll be talking about just them. I know that you are a great aspirant for Kundalini and would surely Love to know this. As many of my student’s/friends first asked be just this question before joining for my events.

So first of all Kundalini can be awakened not just by one way but by many ways. These ways are are universlly known for Kundalini A. Kundalini will be K and Awakening will be A, which will be written that way as this article proceeds. These are few of the ways, if you know of more ways that you have tried and have found working please dont forget to share them below.

1) Meditation - 

Meditation is not an alien word for you I think. Its known universally to everyone. Meditation helps to awaken K, and raise it upward. 
All you need to know is how to meditate. With simple guidance from some teacher on meditation. You will learn how to concentrate and go into deeper states of your mind.
Duration of awakening - There is no specific duration, to when your K will Awaken by this method. The famous yogi Gopi Krishna awakened his Kundalini by this method only.
Check out his book/s here

2) Kundalini Yoga 

This yoga is specific to awaken kundalini. Its focused on stretching the energy muscles of the kundalini and opening the channels such that your body gets prepared for the awakening process. 
Kundalini Yoga helps the body to remove the energy blocks slowly and prepare the body for smoother awakening. 
Duration - I havent tried this literally, might have tried few things unknowingly. I feel this will make the awakening quicker.

3) Hatha Yoga - 

This is the severe and difficult form of Yoga that makes the body so strong and the energy system so well defined that awakening happens very much flawlessly. But as I said earlier, its a severe form of Yoga and thus not everybody’s body will be able to do it. Its a real stamina and patience tester. Ascetics practice severe disciplines like fasting, doing yoga postures for prolonged periods of time, etc. Dont know much about it. If you know about this better, then please leave a few words in comments below.
Duration - Again there’s no fixed duration for this too. But this will take a lot much lesser time for Awakening. 

4) Pranayam - Pranayam is the breath control method. Your life would be very much in control if you have control over your breath. That’s why its said that breath is your master. If you master it, you can master your life. 
Pranayam are different types, they can be for deep breathing, breath retention or cleaning the lungs of stale air. All works amazing on your energy system. These exercises are meant to strengthen your energy system. Kundalini energy can very easily flow when the energy system is clear and flawless.
Duration - Again there is no fixed duration for this too. Also no guarantee of awakening, but one thing is for sure; it will make your inner system very very powerful. And what’s with the Awakening thing. It might happen to you by some other method too if your Guru wishes. [Yes your Guru’s wish, after you wishing for it. I will be writing more about this in upcoming posts; so stay tuned.]

5) Shaktipat - Shaktipat is the method where the Guru transfers a part of their Kundalini energy to that of the students’ Dormant Kundalini. The energy of guru will then help to awaken the kundalini.
Not just awakening. This process will first clear your blocks, not directly. But it will inspire the student to do processes that will clear their energy body. And then will awaken their K. When you have taken Shaktipat, and feel motivated to begin some kinda exercises or pranayam remember that its a sign that you should follow it. That will help you to take your practice to the net level and bring you closer to awakening your K.
Duration - While this process is the quickest, yet you might have to wait for months for the Kundalini to awaken. If you are not regular with your practices then it can even take years. And there needs to be regular sit-ups with your Guru for this. As the Shaktipat energy fades with Time. Its recommended that you stick to one guru, whose teachings resonate with your inner being. And then continue to have sessions with the same Guru. Check here, for Shaktipat details if you want it to be done by me.

6) Mantra Diksha - This is a master technique. And I am very much sure, if you have read any of ancient vedic texts then you might have surely come across this word ‘mantra’ and might have learned about its magical powers that sages acquired after mastering their mantra. I bet you too wished to have a Diksha Mantra while you read those texts :D :P Well even I wished, so I know :)
Duration - The duration is longer and it depends upon the student how much he is dedicated in chanting the mantra and how many times it has been repeated. But this method is very helpful for those who have a very strong and negative karmic background. And who need to release negativity slowly and in a pain free way. [While pain-free wont be completely painfree, yet it does affect in a certain way.]

When I say more time and less time please be sure that it can also mean ‘years’. As K awakening happens flawlessly only for few gifted soul’s who have gone through the awakening process in past births and have tamed their body for the same through any of these methods. Seasoned soul’s awaken in few weeks. Others need generally months. And for the full awakening to happen it usually takes YEARS. Years is written in capitals to not scare you, but to tell you that be prepared if you wish to awaken your kundalini.
I know you must be feeling that the duration should be lesser and lesser as you want the benefits of a fully blown K asap. But God doesn’t keep you away from it for fun, its for your own Good, as your energy and Karmas will be cleaned slowly but surely.
And ya Karmas cleaned doesnt mean Karmas minused. 

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Watch the Kundalini Awakening info, video here>>

Friday, 9 January 2015

Level 1 Kundalini Shaktipat Event

Level 1 Kundalini Shaktipat event -

Level 1 shaktipat is for you if you are totally new to kundalini awakening process. This level will help you to open up to the energies of the shakti within your system. It will cleanse and stir ur energies that might be stagnant within your system and get them ready for the awakening process.

The three nadis will be cleanedand balanced, inorder for preparing them for the awakening process. Note that the awakening will take place and the kundalini will be entering only through the central channel, but the other left and right nadis need to be balanced inorder for the central nadi to be prepared for a smooth awakening.

This level will PREPARE you fully for the kundalini awakening that you will be doing through the level 2 and 3.

Note here that this is a preparatory level and depends on you how you prepare. If you are not dedicated 100% to take this course right now then please DONOT take it. Preparation will involve a huge amount of stirring up of mental, emotional and physical energy through exercises that will bring catharsis. This will need you to be quite tough physically. So if you have health issues, get healthy first and then contact me. As you will need a special plan to come to 'physical strength' slowly and then take this course.

Duration - Process will include, opening your energy system to receive the Shakti transmission for all seven days. Time will be given to you(according to what suits you) for getting the shaktipat transmission specially at your meditation times. Please write to me first for shaktipat time adjustments.

Energy Exchange - $49USD.

Payments will be accepted after 28th Feb 2015.
By then please contact me and verify your timings and other details.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Connect to your True Guru!

Want to know your true Guru?

Who gives you real advice, that works for you?

Do you want that one person on whom you can rely, trust and have unshakable faith?

Do you wish to know what's right? Right for you!?

Do you feel the absence of a True Guru on your Kundalini Awakening journey?

If all these answer to a yes, then please drop in your replies in comments below. Also drop in your concerns about anything specific to this topic.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kundalini & Veganism

The last post on the blog about Kundalini messages struck this new wave about veganism, I got many queries for it. So I would like to share a bit more on this topic.
As the word vegan is already scary or sounds tedious to many(it was tedious for me too) but things changed.

Kundalini & Animal energy - 

As you might have read in many books that non-vegetarian food(meat,fish,eggs) are almost considered unfit to include in diet when you are practicing kundalini awakening/ spirituality. Kundalini is closely connected with cleansing you of your Karmas. Your chakras and how they work is directly associated with your karmas. When karmic debts need to be paid the related chakras start clogging and create you an inner environment for cleansing those chakras by attracting problems and difficulties.
Animals have their own mind and their wishes, and so forcefully killing them or making them generate milk and other necessities involves karma.

How Karmas are accumulated with our act of making food - 
Animals are the beings that are making their progression towards human life. Every animal is given a specific time span during which it survives and learns lessons related to that specie. For any animal to develop proper qualities such that they would be better humans they need to live their life and die naturally.

Also animals are given mind like humans, plants dont have mind and they cannot express pain. So cutting plants and cooking them has lesser karma then killing animals(though certain Indian saints were said to be eating only fruits shunning any leaves or other parts of plants to be cut that can help the plant to grow further. The fruits also were eaten only when they dropped from the tree, to avoid pain to it. Thus no karma was involved in the entire act of eating). Human is intelligent and is given qualities to understand the pain or happiness of other living beings. And so according to this Human is supposed to follow his this Dharma of "Humanity".

Animal products including meat, fish, milk etc contain the mental energy/emotional energy of the animal. And when we consume it, it gets mixed with our own mental/emotional energy.
So when you consume their products you actually also consume their wishes, desires and feelings. You will then have your own wishes as well as of that animals' too and from each animal.

Kundalini already has the huge chore to clean up your system for emotional, mental and physical blockages and you are adding to that burden.

Also animal products are said to clog communication channels. The communication channels that help you download Divine knowledge and elevate you to higher levels of wisdom.

Also there is a huge misunderstanding created by the advertising world about certain foods. That its only their food that will give nutrition to you to stay healthy. But food that is made and eaten with violence or cruelty is always 1000X better and more fulfilling then the one that is made due to greed and insecurity.