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Friday, 1 December 2017

Can Sexual Intercourse awaken Kundalini?

If you have sex with a Kundalini Awakened person, you also get to awaken your Kundalini!!! How easy and simple it sounds, while you are into a pleasurable moment, a huge phenomenon that's too difficult to achieve, that takes years of practice to awaken the dormant force; awakens the fire in a snap with ease. While you are having some amazing moments, right?! Well do you think its that easy?

Kundalini Awakening and the discussion around it becomes really intense once you start learning about benefits of it. And then you start discovering the various ways by which the Shakti can be awakened. And then you come across this, "Having sex with a Kundalini Awakened, makes your Kundalini Awakened." I too heard things like this. And this is a shock to some whereas its a easy way for some. Let me know in comments what's your take on this.

But I have seen people try this path, thinking that kundalini will be awakened in an easy manner. I am a person who is not open to sex, like it only with my partner. So this idea did bug me, and anyways it was not on my check list while I was beginning on my path. Well my kundalini awakened even before thinking or deciding that I wanted to awaken it. So maybe I didn't get a chance to cancel out the option.

But I have seen males as well as females frivolously trying out or searching for a suitable person who is awakened, and plan for that sleepover with them. Well and a lot of times most of these people land up into trouble esp females. With getting partner's who just want sex, which has nothing to do with tantra or shakti arousing.

What happens during Sexual Intercourse?

So let's see what actually happens during a intercourse. While sex cooks two people get into intense balance with each other. And all energies from both stir up, such that at a point the other is not known. Only the feeling of oneness with the partner is felt. Which is usually the case when you are making love with somebody you really have feelings with.
So this stirring of energy actually transmits some energy to the other person, which is why a lot of people when in love just are so much balanced that they too cant explain. They have their partner's energy with them comforting them and reminding them of the sweet moments they've had.

This is because their male and female energies get balanced. A feminine energy from the female helps to balance the yin part of the male partner and vice versa. 

What if you have sex with a Kundalini Awakened person?

So now you got it what happens while sex, spiritually/ energetically ofcourse. Now let's get into what actually happens when you have sex with a kundalini awakened.
When you get into the act of having sex with a awakened person, their shakti is going to stir up during the act. And genitals are the area where the kundalini resides. Which will pretty much make the shakti of the dormant partner also get stirred up.
Well take note, I said stirred up and not fully awakened.

So the partner is now active with their kundalini. But still the journey for awakening it, and opening the chakras needs to be accomplished. Which is an individuals personal journey, that everybody needs to do.
But usually the phenomenon will need spiritual practices like meditation, yoga etc inorder for the kundalini to pass through the sushumna and open the chakras.

How much progress do you get, after the intercourse?

You are on level 1, where the kundalini is stirred up. Its not dormant anymore. Which also means that you will need to start practicing spiritual practices asap. To get the full benefits of the act.

Well if you dont, then the kundalini might again enter into a temporary dormant mode. Where the kundalini will start bringing into your life experiences and people that will help you to get into the path further then where you are. Sometimes the experiences might not be too good. Challenging, but nevertheless they will instill a search for truth. Rather then just getting depressed or sad by the occurences. The fire has been given a spark.

How much progress do you get, after the intercourse?

After the intercourse, you will be on fire. Well not the actual fire. But the fire of love in disguise. As direct kundalini can scare people. But the love struck feeling usually makes people think and try to search deeper for the reasons why they felt that fire, which is like a warm fire in winter colds.
As I said earlier you are at step 1. And the kundalini will not reveal itself right away. You will start searching for it.
Also in general intense love making with a pertner who is not kundalini awakened can also stir up the kundalini in both of them. Again this should not be an act of sex. Or the act should not be done with an intention of arousing the shakti. It usually happens unaware. When two souls just melt into each other. And sex starts happening without conscious effort of doing it.
Not just sex, but any act of sexual arousing or stimulating of partner's done, can result into stirring of kundalini.

Is it that easy?

Well it might be easy or difficult based on whether you have experienced really deep love with your partner. If not, dont worry we all have a store of it. You will surely encounter it sometimes in future. Lovable sex is the key, just manual sex isn't going to work. Which I would like to scream out to everyone.
So in case if you get a partner who is awakened, you guys need to be into each other. If not then sex can just be a mechanical act. Where hardly any energy exchange happens.

Should you take this path?

Well its upto you, as explained earlier you might have understood that finding authentic person who is actually awakened, who is ready to have sex, ahem ahem love-making with you is like a one in a million case. Let alone the choices of such a person for their sexual life, they are a different case.
A lot of people into kundalini usually try to have controlled sexual life, rather then running wild with it. So if they already have a partner, you might not have a close chance. Which should not be taken as bad news. Because if awakening by sex isn't your choice, there's surely other way. Which will soon come to you.

But if you are meant to be awakened that way, you might actually end up falling in love with such a person. And end up getting on the path like them.

So that's all from me, do let me know your thoughts, comments, in comment box below. This is a topic you might have searched for long but couldn't find a legitimate answer to. So let me know how it has helped you.

SHARE this article, as to bring awareness for it. To help people learn what actually happens while sexual intercourse with an awakened person. Or to remove the misconception from minds of people about the easy method. So that people stay aware of it.

And as always, will write more; next time I have an interesting topic to share. If you want me to discuss about some topics on this blog, do comment below with your suggestions.
Until next time....
Stay Happy, Stay Blessed, and Awaken the Divine within you
Because you're born for a Reason!

Friday, 24 November 2017

How to awaken Kundalini?

Have you ever wondered, how to awaken your Kundalini? Because when I learnt about Kundalini and how its awakening process can have a magical transformation in your life. I wanted to get it done badly, but the thing the book I read also mentioned that getting a real Guru who can actually do it. Is a lot difficult. Which made me very disappointed. As I felt I would never find one. 

But when the Student is READY, the Guru appears. Or some temporary guru will appear, awaken your kundalini and then rest of journey will be left on your hands.

In this video I have shared a lot of basic information that is needed to help you awaken kundalini as well as some preparatory methods. That can not only help you to get prepared for Kundalini Awakening, but also prepare your body to accept the energy gracefully. Because Kundalini is Divine energy and note, its MIGHTY and has a lot of force. And so a healthy inner and outer body is required. 

Check the video, and if you feel you want a shatipat then find a guru who you feel connected to. If you feel you can connect to me, then participation link is here given below šŸ‘‡šŸ» 

Remember my Shaktipat happens every 3months, which is either on Equinox or Solstices. Check this link below šŸ‘‡šŸ» before you apply.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Materialistic Guru's have short-lived reverence

Guru: Guru is a term that you must be familiar with, if you are a kundalini aspirant. And finding one guru that is perfect with extraordinary powers is a longing for everyone. Well with all the glory of having a guru, I would also like to make you aware of the fact that materialistic Guru's are always temporary. And they can never be always up your mind with the same level or ever increasing level of respect and reverence.

Initial Guru in materialistic world is necessary- 

When you are not aware of a speck of spirituality or spiritual progress, then you need a Guru. Who can be near you and can guide you at every step in life. As initially you don't believe in energy world. So for you to see and feel the presence of your Guru through your physical eyes is necessary. As you will never indulge into any beliefs that are higher then this practice.

Materialistic Guru's have a short-lived reverence -
The initial charm and trust in a materialistic Guru will be intense. The Guru will seem all truthful, and everything else will appear as a falsity. The guru's words will echo through your soul, and will feel as if its your inner souls voice. The guru's life and way of guiding you towards a better life would seem to be the most perfect way to live by.
But what seems to be this ecstasy and irrevocable faith, will be short lived. And when it ends or gets faded it isn't the end of your world. Its just a gentle nudge from the Universe, that you are uplifted from the initial veil or physical world. Which is imperfect and that imperfection is not visible in your Guru too. Which might feel disgusting on the part that you felt your Guru was a Godly being. But this is a healthy revelation  that universe does to make you aware of the fact

"No physical being is perfect, which includes your guru too. Even God's incarnations when take a physical body, are not perfect."

Why does this happen?
As I have said above, this happens to reveal to you the fact that materialistic world is not perfect. And that its ever changing.
And also the universe needs to pull off the veil of Maya, from your eyes. Till you are under the influence of Maya. You will never be able to see through the truth. And this veil of Maya comes off after regular sadhna to evolve onself.

Does disrupted faith equal to disrupted spiritual progress?

Well when anybody goes through the eye-opening experience of seeing flaws in their materialistic guru, they usually feel cheated, guilty and back to ground zero. And feel as if all your spiritual practices are equal to zero as you are not believing in your guru now as much as how you did before, and you feel seeing flaws or faults with guru downgrades your progress.
Well a simple and honest answer to this is, NO finding flaws or faults in your materialistic guru doesn't equal to downgrade-ment in spiritual progress or taking all your sadhna to ground zero. Its just a sign from universe that your spiritual practices are going quite on the right path. And that you need to now move on to the next level.

What are you supposed to do, when you discover that your Guru isn't perfect?
- The moment you discover your God-man isn't the actual God you were searching for, first of all relax and be thankful to the universe. And rejoice, in that knowingness. This is the first step in finding God. That wherever you were finding him wasn't the right place. Which means he is there guiding you and directing you towards the right source from where you came from.
- Next thing you need to consciously do, is that try not to hate your materialistic Guru. He was the one who initiated you to this journey, yes he isn't perfect which was going to be revealed to you sooner or later. Which he also knew, for which he was consciously guiding you and nudging you again and again. But being under the strong influence if Maya made you blindly trust in your imperfect guru.
- Next thing is don't feel that all your progress is now in vain, and that you will never be able to reach those heights of spiritual ecstasy again. Well that is the initial taste that your Guru has to give you. And then the universe opens those blind-folds so that now you consciously set on the journey of getting that full flavoured that your guru gave you only a tinge of.
- Start searching for the truth or the spiritual bliss that you were searching till now, now the journey will be you guided by your higher Guru. Who doesn't have a form, but is always trustworthy. Who doesn't have a shape but will never let your faith run out.

How to take your spiritual journey ahead after such a revelation?

After this revelation the real journey begins. As your spiritual journey was commencing even when you did not meditate and think negative. Everything that happens in your life whether good or bad. You are getting a step closer to your spiritual journey. As bad experiences make you aware of pain, and your need to find higher amount of energy of love and contentment.
After your temporary Guru's truth is revealed to you, remember you don't have to give up your spiritual practices. Though for a moment you will feel like that's the only option. Most of the people fail at this. They come to a conclusion that spiritual people and spiritual organisations are full of quacks who just want to cheat and lust over. After this they usually try hard to forget their ethereal experiences as a bad dream.
Well that is wrong, well you need to continue your practices even after that.
What might happen initially, is that you may or may not feel the same sort of elated feelings during your practices. But still you need to keep going on. Its just because you are in a temporary entrapment that there is no helping hand for your spiritual path.
But you need to just keep going on and on, gradually you will discover the real Guru.

Well if I want I can write a lot about your real guru or your true Guru, but that's not what you are meant to do. Just reading about how a real or true guru is, isn't your thing. You have to actually discover that real Guru yourself. How you'll do that? well let me keep it a mystery. Try to find this truth in your spiritual practices and meditation.

I know you were searching for this truth since long, and if this post has relieved some burden in you. Then let me know in the comments below. I love to help people keep progressing on their spiritual journey. I hope this post has helped, like comment and share it with your spiritual friends.

I will be back again with something more interesting, until then... chao!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Kundalini Awakening Distant Event Q & A

Want to know more about Kundalini? And how does distant shaktipat work? Well here's it. I have had tons of questions coming in through email, messages, calls, whatsapp etc. Which made me to create this video so that you all guys can have an answer to all of these questions rather then just thinking and assuming what the answers might be.
From the most commonly asked questions, to the questions that worry you the most. All are given in here. Take a look at what questions are answered in this video -

1. What is Shaktipat?
2. Is it safe to awaken Kundalini? (this is the BIG question what horrifies most people)
3. Is it based on any religion?
4. Why do I charge for it?
5. Does it heal diseases?
6. How this course will happen in distance mode?
7. How does this distant event work?
8. What is the Duration of this course?
9. What will you feel during this course?
10. What is Activation v/s What is Awakening?
11. Can I open your Chakras as well?

So from all of these questions you get an idea that what is going to be discussed in this video. So head along and watch this video full. Even if you don't want to participate in the event right now, you will get some valuable information about kundalini. Which will help you in future no matter whan you decide to activate your kundalini.

So that's all from me for now, will catch you guys later. If you have any more questions then the ones mentioned in this video. Then please drop in your comments in box below.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

7 Chakra Magic

7 chakras are the swirling vortices that are made to distribute life energy proportionately into your energy system. This can be called the scientific or theoretical explanation for 7 chakras.
But Chakras are far more then that. 7 Chakras are associated with 7 levels of existence and the more you master each chakra, you master that level.

What does this mean for you?
Well this means that you can use your 7 chakras to help you enter several different consciousness levels. And that will help you to know and uncover different layers of knowledge that is available in that level. For example if you master the base chakra you will be having all knowledge of physical world including physical healing, money and finances, luxuries etc.

So how can you master Chakras?
Chakras though this term is used quite often on this blog and a lot around this internet, is not about getting and learning knowledge from various sources. If you have read all the books in this world related to chakras but haven't practically worked on your chakras, you are as illiterate as any other person in this world who doesn't know about Chakras.

To master chakras - 
To master your chakras you need to work upon your chakras and that too regularly. To work regularly on your chakras you need to meditate upon them and to use your chakras for various life areas.
You will be able to use your power of chakras for your life only when your chakras are balanced and open. And to open your chakras you need to awaken your kundalini. Which is quite obvious. Everything about chakras becomes once the kundalini is awakened.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Reasons why Kundalini Awakening is great when you are Healthy?

Kundalini Shaktipat is an intense journey and this is not just your Life's journey or experience. Its a Soul's journey and the experience is going to be deeply ingrained into your soul.

Kundlaini Awakening is a phenomenon that a Soul goes through. When it awakens you experience on a mind, body and soul level.
Something that happens on soul level too usually brings about great shifts on physical level too. Means it will change your mentality about the physical world, as well you will be encouraged to change your behaviour and personality on the physical plane as well.

Mental Shifts -

Kundalini brings in huge mental shift. Shifts as in belief system, your viewpoint about how you see things, your perspective about life, and your thought projections about how you think and project your thoughts towards outer environment.
The mental shifts will be on a basis where your lower self's thinking will be replaced by higher and better thought process of your upper self. And during this shift when you are emotionally and physically strong the mental shift happens smoothly.
If your mental shift takes time or effort or becomes stressful mentally then it will show effects on your emotional and physical health. {which you don't want}

Emotional Health - 

You are a human I know, and so having "emotions" is a normal thing for you. But to have a lot of emotions and getting taken away by them will have issues.
And I bet being on journey of Kundalini its an emotional roller coaster. Your life will actually feel as if you are a dramatic movie itself. But it will be that way, because its your Soul's transformation and not just an ordinary experience.
Emotionally also you are expected to grow, to be more productive with your positive emotions and be lesser bent towards operating out or reacting with your negative emotions.

Physical Health - 

Something that's on physical level takes time and effort to come into existence. And so a physical shift of energies that happens by kundalini awakening will happen gradually. And that's why kundalini awakening doesn't happen all at once. Unless you have already opened your chakras in your previous birth and are just here to polish yourself or uncover a few more blockages.
Kundalini has the power to shake up your physical body and its inner systems. But if the mental and emotional health isn't sorted then the physical health might suffer. Yes I say SUFFER. You need to be as much positive, forgiving, loving, kind and compassionate as possible.

You might feel the force of kundalini a lot more pure and difficult to handle. But the force is here for your good, so if you feel intense while the devi awakens try to get more and more on pure side. Goddess loves purity and clarity of one's heart. No matter how silly or bad you were in past. But once you surrender to her, she is ready to prepare you to walk on your Spiritual Path. But for that you will need to surrender and believe in her. Believe in yourself and keep working on purifying your mind/ body and soul. This effort I am not talking of a few days. Its a lifetime journey.

This might bore you, weaken you or frustrate you for a while, a number of times during the journey. That's ok. Its the drama of your ego. That idiot that you are trying to get rid off by rising yourself towards your divine self. Obviously you'll need to kill that devil to get to the divine. And the Mr. EGO isn't going to like it. So it will slam-up and sit down stubbornly in middle of your path. As to confuse you that you are not going anywhere, why to struggle. etc. etc. But stay put on your path.

The growth of rising and being a better human being will begin once you start accepting the mental, emotional and physical shifts. And not otherwise. Not just accepting, but also applying and acting out of those shifts in your day to day life is essential. You cannot expect that something happens from the outside that will strike a bell inside your mind and another phase of your higher enlightened life will begin. The more you accept and broaden your personality by acting out from your higher self will help you to become more and more open to the shift.

The shift is not gonna happen in a boom. But its opening veil after veil to uncover all the petals fully and see the light within.

(And finally there is not re-checking done. Read this article to your best understanding)

Friday, 27 November 2015

Kundalini Awakening Update

I keep getting a lot of questions regarding Kundalini and my journey, my experiences etc. And with time and progress the understanding of the experiences also changes. And so I believe that a lot of stuff that I wrote 3-4yrs back needs some kind of upgrade as people are asking me questions based on that.
First of all I apologize for not sharing any articles in past weeks, as I was busy with a lot of work at home + festive season work. So it totally slipped out of my hands.

Kundalini Awakening sensations -
- I had shared earlier that you feel very strong vibrations, but I have also known people who have not felt a single vibration in their body and yet their kundalini is awakened.
- About the practices, I feel that any type of spiritual practices that we do. Or are motivated to do will help us to go ahead in our kundalini journey.
- Kundalini journey is long, and chakras opening might take time. I have known people devoting their entire lives for their K journey. But its not necessary for everyone to open all chakras. Some people are fine opening 3 chakras. Some want to open 5 chakras some all 7. Whereas there are people who are totally fine without awakening their kundalini.

Experiences in life - 
There will be very profound experiences in your dreams, or waking state when you reach different levels of kundalini and chakra opening.
But at the same time, there are people who don't remember anything such happening to them. And yet they just feel a bit of positiveness and then feel that things have shifted and they're better person then before. Totally getting this now. As not everyone has blocks and so not everyone will feel intense during chakra opening and kundalini awakening.

Awakened beings -
At this point in my life, I feel there are already a lot of awakened beings going around. Its just that they might not be knowing that why they're different. You just dont buy on to the modernization that's not good for human body or the environment. Whatever difference you have in your thinking, you are totally happy with not being the common person. And happily carry yourself naturally. Though people around you feel you are weird, clown, or some psycho.
Yes there are number of people who have been diagnosed with psychological issue, whereas its their kundalini awakening. Yes it will affect you psychologically if you dont shift your mindset and your way of thinking. When you evolve you can no more keep that old patterns of thinking and contracted awareness garbage.
I had read somewhere that kundalini journey is very difficult to complete in a lifetime, and so based on that I tried to look everywhere with that spectacle. Which made that conclusion correct. Whatever I am happy that's not the way. And awakening can happen fully even without the mere feeling of it happening to you.

More on this later.... I have to rush out!
Thanks for reading.